Father's Day Style for the Modern Gent

Calling all Dad’s - let’s upgrade your style this Father’s Day! Our friends at Monck Mason Clothiers and I have a few styling tips for you. Don’t worry, they’re easy!

First up and above everything, good style is about good fit. When shopping, buy your size. And even if the garment still feels a little too loose, or the pant or shorts are a little longer than you wish, you can have them tailored. (It’s not expensive!)

Pay attention to detail. Pocket squares, watches, no show socks vs. regular socks. Embrace them all to attain a modern look to your personal style.

Lastly, for now, consider bringing a “wow-factor” to any look with super cool shoes. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, literally, and experiment. You may like the results.


Halving Your Wardrobe Can Leave You Rich In More Ways Than One

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 9.37.41 AM.png

When it comes to our most significant monthly expenditures, most of us would say that clothes are right up there. An obsession with stocking our wardrobes is one of those expensive adulting behaviors which we’re all guilty of. As soon as our pay packets hit our bank accounts, many of us head out to stock up on the latest fashions. We convince ourselves that new clothes will help us look and feel better. And, that in turn can increase our opportunities for earning. You could say, then, that this is a must for making money, rather than wasting it. Couldn’t you?

Not at all. In reality, there are a few key reasons to approach your wardrobe more minimally. If you’re reading this, the chances are that you already know about the benefits of stripping back your life. And, your clothes are no different. To prove that, let’s consider three benefits of cutting your wardrobe by at least half.

You’ll drastically reduce your expenses

As we mentioned, clothes form a hefty sum of our monthly expenses. A large clothes shop is so ingrained for many that we don’t even notice it. As soon as you stop buying clothes every month, you’re sure to notice the reduction in your expenses. In extreme cases, you may find that this frees you with over $100 extra spending money. Throughout the year, an amount like that adds up. That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t spend a cent on clothes. But, cutting back to just one item every few months is sure to make a real difference to your bank account.

You’ll discover the joys of accessories

When you aren’t buying clothes, you’re more liable to play around with what you do have. And, when you start to accessorize items, you open yourself for endless benefits. For one, you’ll find that accessories are both cheaper and easier to store than brand new clothes would be. That’s a benefit on both counts, especially if you’re embarking on van life. You may also find that accessories can satisfy you in a way clothes alone never could. You don’t need ten shirts, for example. You need only alternate between blue, green, and red ties throughout the week. For barely any cost, you’ll soon learn to create a new outfit each day. We would argue that’s a benefit worth cutting back for.

You’ll treasure clothes like you never have before

You may assume that halving your budget here would leave you loving your wardrobe less, but the opposite is true. In reality, owning less stuff always makes you value what you have more. And, the same is true for your clothes. Fast fashion is a pretty heartless affair. The focus is on new things all the time, not old things which mean a lot to you. The moment you stop looking for new clothing, then, you’ll come to appreciate the items you do have. As a result, your life is sure to be richer in every way...


10 Facts That Will Totally Change Your Opinion Of Rolex

The name Rolex has, over the decades, become synonymous with quality. But few people know the lengths that the company goes to to create its products, assuming that the process is now entirely automated and run by computers. Rolex is not a mass-market watchmaker. It does not automate the production of its products, and while machines help, they are not the backbone of the process. The bulk of the work is done by real artisans, trained in the craft of watchmaking.

Ever since the company was established by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905, it has focused on creating items of exceptional quality. The founders decided that they wanted people to have watches that not only told the time accurately but also made a statement about who they were. Although the notion of luxury branding was in its infancy in the early 1900s, Wilsdorf and Davis understood the fundamental psychological drivers behind it and took full advantage. Before long, Rolex had established offices in multiple countries, all over Europe. To keep quality high, the company has integrated much of the production process. The company uses its own foundry to ensure that the quality of the metal it uses remains high.

Take a look at the following infographic. It’ll totally change your opinion of Rolex.

Infographic by Frost NYC Frostnyc

So, as you’ve just found out, Rolex is not a mass-producer of watches. All of its products are handmade. It’s no wonder that the most expensive Rolex in history sold for an astonishing $17.7 million.

Now that you know more about the company, do you want a Rolex?


Fresh Off the Runway: 2018 Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

by Poppy Jones

zara men 2018 fashionado

The Story of Shearling

mcqueen men fall 2018 fashionado

Being cold is not an option this Winter. The runway hosted a wardrobe of armour coats designed to protect a man, so he can confidently take on the modern world, in style. A particularly significant style of coat is the Shearling (sheepskin) jacket, a classic piece of outwear for the Winter. The wearing of sheepskin as a form of protection arose as long ago as the Stone Age, which is fascinating considering it’s making statements on the 2018 fashion runways (almost 2.5 million years later). The coat began on a different kind of runway during the Second World War, which truly cemented the shearling jacket as high fashion when the sheepskin bomber jacket became standard uniform for pilots in the US Air Force.

The historical classic was interpreted by a range of designers and presented on the runway in a host of different styles including; leather, denim, suede and a bomber, all combined with essences of the Shearling. Unsurprisingly, one of the best Shearling coats this season was by Giorgio Armani which contained a mix of brown suede and leather giving the jacket texture and detail and costing $3300. Balenciaga exhibited a modern take of the classic, a black sheepskin jacket as part of the labels AW18 collection featuring a graffiti shearling collar, leaving you $5,038 down. If that’s too hard to swallow, then ZARA have brought out a range of heavy-duty faux shearling jackets that look good enough for the runway.

205W39NYC by Raf Simons - Calvin Klein X Raf Simons

Raf Simons takes the creative reigns at one of America’s most iconic fashion houses, creating a memorable masterpiece at New York fashion week. The designer presented his Fall 2018 Collection with Calvin Klein through the emergence of models through a sea of popcorn that coated the former American Stock Exchange building, greeting the audience with the aesthetic pleasures of sweet-smelling butter. The collection represents a theme that is consistent to his first season at Calvin Klein, which is Simons personal commentary on America. Firefighter coats, boots and gloves provoked thought of the country’s horrific natural disasters whilst silver foil jackets and boots evoked inspiration from the 60s intergalactic style.

The collection also stars the traditions of Calvin Klein underwear, in keeping with the iconic yet simplistic and gender-neutral style of briefs for men and women. The collection is designed with a standout 205W39NYC logo styling and can be purchased from the Calvin Klein website.

Tom Ford F/W18

Tom Ford brings hyper-masculinity to the run-way treating the audience with an erotic presentation of the new Fall 2018 underwear range. The range consists of four basic styles; a brief, a trunk, a short boxer and a classic boxer. Each cut is available in cotton stretch jersey, cotton, and an extra special version of silk. Of course, these outstanding run-way collections have inspired the streets and the replication of the simplistic designer lingerie is readily available offering a cheaper alternative of the classic cotton jersey pieces perfect for the Winter.


The pinstripe is perfect for a casual business look and embodies quality and fine male grooming as well as being the backbone of any stylish man’s business wardrobe.


Alexander McQueen explores British masculinity starting with a collection of elegant tailored autumnal pieces. The collection subverts the classic British wardrobe, renewing the codes of tailoring and progresses into opulence as the show goes on. A prominent fabric that stole the show is the use of woolen pinstripes which is modeled as a classic tuxedo, worn with jogging pants for a modern subversion and representation of the evolution of true British menswear.

gucci 2018

Hiking Boots

If you are going to make one worth-while investment this Winter, be sure to make it a pair of high quality hiking boots that are adamant to last a life time and keep your toes warm for just as long.

Inspired by the world of hiking, brands such as Gucci and Prada have taken an outdoor classic and given it a cosmopolitan polish using high quality materials and catwalk-ready details. Creating a hybrid of fashion that meets function and a must-have staple for a man’s wardrobe this Winter and many more Winters to come.

For something with equivalent quality at an affordable price, Timberland offer a range of styles of hiking boots inspired by our runway favorites and designed to be just as durable.


Five Fashion Items Every Man Should Own

Men’s fashion is usually simpler than women’s but this doesn’t mean that you can simply wear the same clothes over and over. If you are a man who would like to express himself through their style, you will need to make sure that you can change your looks using smart accessories and invest into some basic things that you can combine to create a new look every time. Below you will find a list of five items every man should have in their wardrobe.

Man Bag

No matter if you are engaged in networking or meeting clients regularly, you will need a stylish leather man bag for your accessories, paperwork, and other items you might need.

From laptop sized bags to small casual shoulder bags for meeting with friends, you will need to create a collection, or you will have to ruin your looks by stuffing your pockets with your paperwork and your wallet, not to mention the risk of losing them if you don’t have zips.

Leather Boots

No matter if you are a jeans person or love wearing smart clothes, you will need a pair of leather boots that will match your style. Natural brown will go with almost every color and can even be worn with casual suits. Leather boots can help you create the right appearance without looking like you have made too much effort getting ready in the morning.

Stylish Scarves

Accessories have been neglected in menswear for a while, but they are having a comeback. Instead of keeping it simple, you can spruce up your looks by adding a few elegant or funky scarves. You will be able to add color effortlessly and create a designer look for less. Make sure that you don’t only get winter scarves for your coats and jackets, but also decorative ones you can wear with suits during the summer.

Collection of Ties

silk ties

Every man needs to build a smart collection of ties. There is something special about choosing the right one for the day ahead and your current outfit. Make sure that you check out the latest John Henric ties for men and match the colors and shades with your existing wardrobe, so you can make a statement even when you need to look businesslike.  

3-Piece Suit

e. vincent martinez fashionado

No matter if you work in the corporate world or run your own business, the first impressions matter more than you would think.

If you would like to make a statement and look sharp at a meeting with a client, you will need a smart three-piece suit  that will help you create a sophisticated, professional style and look stunning on corporate photos, too.

Choose the right accessories and get a couple of color combinations that express your personality.

If you want to dress for the occasion every time without spending too much on your wardrobe, it is important that you shop in a smart way. Improve your looks by finding the right combination of basic outfits and accessories.




KITON SPRING 2019 MENSWEAR see full collection.


The Trends To Be Wearing This Summer


The dust from all of the fashion weeks has settled, and we can finally sit down and decide what looks we want to rock over the coming months. From summer, to the  fall transition, to winter, there are plenty of looks to be watching out for. But first thing's first, summer is here! So what are the key trends to be looking out for? There is certainly a lot of bright color to be looking at, as well as bold prints. So without further ado, here are your summer fashion picks.

Bright Colors

It seems like designers had been raiding their children’s Crayola boxes for inspiration, as bright colors have been all over the catwalk. Tomato red has been a popular color of choice, with Victoria Beckham have several pieces in the shade, including her popular Harper slipper seen here: https://www.victoriabeckham.com/shoesglitter-red.html. So think emerald green, canary yellow, and cobalt blue as you plan out your outfits and accessories.

Subtle Jewelry

With the colors and prints on clothes being bright and bold, the accessories have kind of taken a step back for this month. So they can be kept pretty subtle, unless you have some matching bright tassel earrings to wear with your outfits. You could wear a subtle and sleek diamond ring, much the rage here https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/, and keep it simple with a pendant necklace. No doubt you’ve got a few bits like this already at home, so the good news is you’re unlikely to have to go out and buy more.


Is it even summer without some florals thrown into the mix? While a strong palm-leaf pattern has been pretty popular, florals are going to be a big thing over summer. Chloe has some of the prettiest and most feminine prints out there, as well as the ditsy prints that Loewe had on display. Sheer floral fabrics are also going to be big, which is great for any vacations that you’ve got planned.

Extra Large Tote Bags

We have seen large handbags and purses, to small cross-body bags in recent years. But the extra large tote is going to be a big thing over summer. Can we get a high-five for the practicality of this, please? You can fit everything in for a trip to the beach, as well as a spare change of clothes, your shopping, and plenty of accessories. Kate Spade has, as always, an amazing collection of tote bags with fun prints and bright colors, in-keeping with the other big trend of the summer; color.

Puff Sleeves

You might have thought that puffed sleeves were left back in the eighties, but they are back in a big way this summer. From jackets with puff sleeves, to big printed dressed with puff sleeves, there are various ways to wear this look. If you’re not feeling to brave about it, then high waisted acid-wash jeans, summer wedges, and a jacket with puff sleeves could be a good starter look, a la Givenchy on the catwalk.