THE Pocket Square


Pocket squares are [my] must-have accessory. The 12-15 square inch silk or linen swatch of fabric brings so much style to a man's ensemble. It's often overlooked; forgotten. I'm telling you [guys] hook up your personal style with pocket squares. I wear mine with suits, blazers and even with my tuxedo.

How do you go about choosing the "right" pocket square? The choice is based on your likes and it's completely up to you. I prefer to have a variety of patterns and colors from traditional, solids and edgier designs. This way, the only decision I'm faced with is which pocket square to match up with my look du jour. You can find pocket squares everywhere. Designers make beautiful but very expensive ones. I have a secret place where I buy my pocket squares and I'm going to share it with you...

Century 21... pay them a visit next time you're in NYC! Best selection; best value! Now, go have fun polishing up your style with the perfect pocket square.