"Viktor Luna is pleased to introduce his F/W 2014 collection entitled


. The collection 

was inspired by the idea of hunters and exotic animals in a civilization before the world split. 

Viktor is always looking to do something different while expressing his personality through his 


Viktor Luna

continues to grow, explore and evolve as a designer as evidenced by his latest collection.


, which was a supercontinent 300 million years ago, reveals an edgier, more experimental and daring side of Viktor. While there are hints of glamour, which he loves and handles so well through subtle detailing,


is a definite departure of what we've seen from the designer in the past. This is an exciting collection of very directed ideas, intellect and a specified thought process. Punk elements are characterized and romanced through his use of textiles, ancient culture and an elegant, yes elegant, approach to tribal. I find this collection so refreshing, so appealing - a very modern and complex way to reinterpret the past.

Throughout the creation of the collection, the punk rock band Crass was playing in the 

background. Their lyrics and music served as the voice of this collection, hoping to inspire 

today’s women in the current chaotic climate, all while moving forward. Viktor wanted to create 

an entire world with his clothing: the world that existed before the chaos of modern civilization.

This season, Viktor is revisiting his passion of leather jackets and creating one of a kind looks. 

Using intricate details and soft artisanal elements, Viktor looks to show off his mastery in leather 

throughout the collection.

Viktor Luna created an idea of what femininity would look like in this barbaric and exotic world. Using 

faux fur and leather, he created the animalistic qualities seen in the collection. Combing these 

elements with the unique silhouettes help tell the story of an animal and hunter becoming one 


In this land before time collection, Viktor engages the imagination and creates wearable clothing 

for the modern woman.