Bandana Couture for your Pooch


My sweet-n-sexy diva, like me, loves fashion and couture. Yeah, Simone's a girly-girl. [Some might say like me, too. Bitches.]

Today she is sporting a couture bandana made specifically for her by

Manhattan Style Large Dog Clothes. "Manhattan" the Great Dane and Simone are FB friends:)

"WE" like purple. [While orange is fashionado's fave color, Simone and I felt that orange & black was too Halloweeny.]

AND we love bling. Anything with bling, shiny and sparkly... So Manhattan created a purple bandana for Simone personalized with her name is brilliant rhinestones! They glisten so pretty in the light.

Make sure and get yours! Manhattan also has girl shorts, boy shorts, polos, collars, leashes and more! 

Visit their website here. And "like" them on FB!