Channel your Inner Bobber


A “bobber” is a minimalistic-type of bike that has had many parts taken off or shortened, according to Bobber Republic. Like a bobbed hairdo that is cut short, a bobber is a simple and stripped down motorcycle. In most cases, riders make their own modifications to their motorcycles to transform them into bobbers. As Wikipedia notes, this basic style of bike is believed to have been created by American Servicemen who served in World War II and were inspired and intrigued by lighter European bikes. 

As bobber bikes enjoy a resurgence in popularity, so too are the fashions and accessories that go along with these simple yet classic motorcycles. The following motorcycle accessories will help you channel your inner bobber: A bobber style helmet.

While bobber riders often want their clothing and helmets to be as basic and minimalistic as their bikes, you still need to make sure you are wearing a proper safety helmet that is DOT approved. A slim and open-face retro helmet will help you achieve the vintage bobber look. The DOT-approved Vega X-380 Old Skool helmet sells for around $59.99 and features the open face look and is available in two sizes.

A vintage looking riding shirt

Riding a bobber is about much more than owning the bike; it’s also about looking the part, too. When you’re cruising down the road on a simplistic and vintage looking motorcycle, a great riding shirt can help you look like you are part of the bobber culture. For example, the Whiteknuckle Riding Shirt is made from premium buffalo leather. With its stainless buttons, two interior gun pockets and full lining, it gives riders that classic bobber look whether you are riding a motorcycle or just out doing errands.

A leather tool pouch that can double as a bag

Yes, it is technically a tool pouch that can be connected to a bobber bike. But a really cool leather pouch functions as a vintage bag that will also store your cell phone, wallet and all of needed accessories with ease and style. Many pouches also feature two buckles to keep everything securely stored inside. Either on or off a bobber, this simple yet classy pouch will bring you back to the vintage biking days.

Vintage looking boots

Bobber riders don’t tend to wear fancy-pants boots; they prefer basic and functional boots that are comfortable and protect the feet. For example, Alpinestars Roam Waterproof boots from the online motorcycle store MotoSport feature Alpinestars’ exclusive Drystar liner, helping riders’ feet stay warm and dry no matter what Mother Nature is dishing out. With their combination of lateral and upper hook and loop straps and black color, these boots look like they were born to be on a bobber.