Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture

Raf Simons took Dior on a redefining time-travel journey for Fall 2014 couture. From Marie Antoinette silhouettes to astronaut-ish silk jumpers, Dior's creative director may have been making a greater statement about the future of not only the legendary maison but of haute couture in general. In the simplest terms, as our world changes, inevitably so must everything in it. Haute Couture must evolve. But this evolvement doesn't come without its share of controversy and criticism. Some believe Raf Simons has simplified couture too much in an attempt for modernization - Making it too casual. Perhaps he's thinking of the next generation of clientele? A younger class of the elite uber-rich who've grown up in the same fast-paced, technological society that we have. As for Dior's Fall couture collection, it's beautiful. There are some very choice pieces with lavish embroidery and full length furs. Even with its modernity, couture will remain an exclusive club for a specific client base. View Collection: