Official Trailer: Finding Dad: "Mira...tu Papa"

Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa" is a film two years in the making.

I first got the idea when I turned 46 and it hit me that my father, who I hadn't seen or been in contact with since 1970 was nearing 80 years old. 

Last April my wish became a reality. I traveled back to Havana, Cuba, along with my mother, to reunite with my father. My longtime friends (and fashionadoTV partners) Gil and Dania joined us. And the adventure began. It was their first time back to Cuba as well.

Join us on October 17th, 2014 at the Georgia Pacific Center for the premiere of Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa."

We are thrilled and honored to be kicking off the 3rd Annual Georgia Latino Film Festival with our documentary. Please support us by attending. *For tickets, visit: