MADONNA in Gigi Burris Millinery - Cuba

madonna in cuba

Madonna was spotted wearing the "Drake" hat from the Gigi Burris Millinery Resort 2017 collection in Cuba while celebrating her 58th birthday. 

The Gigi Burris “Drake” hat, as seen on Madonna, retails for $450.00 and will become available for purchase at The Webster Miami, Matches Fashion, and in early November 2016. Similar styles are available now at leading retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, By George, Colette, DNA, Neiman Marcus and Tsum.

Gigi Burris Millinery became globally represented in 2013 with top tier multi brand boutiques worldwide. As a sixth generation Floridian, a favorite material is alligator skin, and some of the luxurious skins come from gators captured on family property. She is also known for intricate feather and couture handwork.


Karl Lagerfeld takes Chanel to Cuba

Last year he took us to Seoul and yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld announced that he will be presenting the Chanel Cruise 2017 collection in Havana, Cuba. [You know I am dying over this!]

Cuba has served as the inspiration to recent fashion shoots and designer collections but leave it to Uncle Karl to be still, my beating heart by featuring a runway collection in the Cuba that I love so much. After returning to Cuba after more than four decades and meeting my father and traveling through different parts of Havana I am pro-everything that can move this island forward. 

I wonder where the show will occur? There are so many fabulous options. I can see it happening around el Malecon with the waves crashing on one side, historic buildings on the other and the street serving as the runway. But, I can also visualize a show down the grand terrazzo pathway of el Paseo del Prado. No matter where the venue ends up being, Chanel always brings drama and grandeur to everything it touches and this event will no doubt be epic.

So I have my work cut out: 1. get an invitation to the show AND 2.) secure my Cuban visa to travel legally back to Cuba (takes 4-6 weeks to get a visa.)


Stunning, Never-before-seen Aerials of Cuba

The aerial imagery captured by DIY drones flying over Cuba's cities and countryside is absolutely breathtaking! CNN journalist Patrick Oppmann, who lives in Havana, Cuba (and has the best Instagram feed btw - @cubareporter) broadcast this report today and I just had to share it. It's a great story highlighting Cuban ingenuity but it's the visuals that will captivate you. I've lost count on how many times I've viewed it already. Thanks Patrick!!!


Finding Dad Movie Poster

Finding Dad
Finding Dad

I can't believe we are just two days away from the premiere of

Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa." Georgia Latino Film Festival organizers tell me that tickets are nearly sold out, which makes us all very happy! So hurry and grab yours today!! AND see you Friday at the Georgia Pacific Center Auditorium, 6:30PM.


Sunday Landscapes: Cuba


I thought I'd share with you where my mind and heart are this morning. Every time I scroll through my iPhotos I stop at this image and smile. So peaceful and serene. It's from the picturesque country side heading back to Havana from Varadero. I snapped the photo on a sunny Sunday in April. 

I wish everyone a restful and Happy Sunday! xo


Official Trailer: Finding Dad: "Mira...tu Papa"

Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa" is a film two years in the making.

I first got the idea when I turned 46 and it hit me that my father, who I hadn't seen or been in contact with since 1970 was nearing 80 years old. 

Last April my wish became a reality. I traveled back to Havana, Cuba, along with my mother, to reunite with my father. My longtime friends (and fashionadoTV partners) Gil and Dania joined us. And the adventure began. It was their first time back to Cuba as well.

Join us on October 17th, 2014 at the Georgia Pacific Center for the premiere of Finding Dad: "Mira... tu Papa."

We are thrilled and honored to be kicking off the 3rd Annual Georgia Latino Film Festival with our documentary. Please support us by attending. *For tickets, visit: