Fashion Fever: Where to Save and When to Splurge

fashion fever
fashion fever

Fall is picking up steam, the holidays are just around the corner and excitement is in the air. After all, November and December are known for their holiday rituals, family gatherings and seemingly endless expenses. How is a fashionable lady to prepare her wallet for the expenditures of the holidays while still looking chic at all times? There are some surprisingly creative ways you can stay ahead of the curve with your wardrobe. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Belittle the Basics

When you think of your life as the stylish gal that you are, you probably envision yourself in pricey designer dresses and exotic heels. But what makes you a fashionista day in and day out are the staples. The real heroes of your closet are the pieces that hold all the other more extravagant looks together. Revisit your existing wardrobe, and pull out anything from tank tops to skinny jeans to cardigans. Spend some time mixing and matching what you already have, You'll find new combinations to spice up your the clothes you already own.

Have an array of perfectly fitting tanks? Keep them around. This way you’ll only need to buy a cute knit crop to wear over them for an entirely new style. Also, don’t forget that some statement pieces can be purchased at less expensive stores. You could get this irresistible down jacket for under $100 at H&M, and be both cozy and classy for a nominal price.

Save on the (Other) Big Stuff

Need a few more dollars for your wardrobe wants? One way to free up some cash so your closet can reap the benefits is by saving on other big costs. Have a broken shower head? See if you can fix it yourself with the help of a YouTube video. Or ask your dad, boyfriend or friendly neighbor to help instead of shelling out the dough for a professional. On the market for a brand new TV? Try heading to a store like Walmart for its Black Friday deals on electronics to save a pretty penny.

On a similar note, take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for holiday gifts. Instead of buying gifts haphazardly, plan out one item per person and have a rough idea of how much you want to spend on each person. Do your research and hit up all the best stores. Knock out your list, under budget and in one fell swoop. You’ll be surprised by how much money is left over for you to put toward those new Hudson jeans or Free People sweater dress you've been eyeing.

Splurge Strategically

It’s okay to spend a little more than financial sages may advise on something that will really complete your wardrobe. You just need to do this in moderation. Be sure the item is something high in quality that will last a long time. If you’re craving a Michael Kors purse, for instance, try a mobile buying and selling platform like Poshmark. It’s not hard to find a gently used name-brand handbag on a site like this at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the Michael Kors store. Prepare to do a little digging, and don’t be afraid to offer sellers a price lower than what is listed.

As a sophisticated trendsetter, you already know your favorite brands, styles and unique ways of putting togehher your next head-turning outfit. But for this holiday season, save yourself some cash and some stress by being diligent in your approach to adding to that magnificent closet. Give those basics a little TLC, save on some things and splurge on others. Get ready to have all eyes on you at that holiday cocktail party.