Gold Goes Bold: Top Five Couture Jewelry Trends


Since at least mid-2013, bold gold has retaken the couture fashion stage in jewelry designs, especially our dear, old friend yellow gold. The trend cuts across all the biggest fashion houses from Milan to Paris, London and New York. Cases in point, the Bijoux runway in Milan, the 2014 Golden Globes and New York Fashion week where bold gold pieces were part of the look. Bold gold is in and its comeback couldn't be more welcome. Take a peek at what the top five trends are for incorporating this beautiful, bold metal in your own fashion wardrobe. 


Trend 1: Bold Gold in Yellow

Yellow gold has taken a back seat in recent years to other colors of gold and platinum. However, yellow gold is huge on the couture scene no matter what the jewelry piece or style. It can still be mixed and matched with other precious metals and is always a classic look no matter what the piece or outfit. In larger pieces, gold's natural beauty and reflectivity give any outfit that extra sparkle it deserves. Check out this slide show for an example of yellow gold's versatility in bold styles.


Trend 2: Chunky Neck Chains

You have to love the strong look that a heavy chain in precious gold gives the wearer: Confident, in control, amazing! These are true statement pieces and the heavier the piece the better. Whether wearing classic jeans and a casual tee or your favorite power suit for the office, bold gold puts you in charge of your style.


Trend 3: Impressive Arm Bands and Cuffs

Layering bracelets can be fun but these massive gold arm bands and cuffs are meant to be the only adornment on your arm. From sleek, curved bangles to solid, heavy cuffs or filigree creations that embrace the entire arm, these bold gold pieces dazzle the beholder.

Trend 4: Bold Gold Loves the Vintage Look in Earrings

One tends to think of the style of vintage jewelry as delicate and ethereal with that certain art deco flair or Victorian appeal. However, vintage looks, especially in bold gold, have caught the eye of jewelry design. These bold gold vintage looks are a nice way to blend timeless, romantic pieces with fresh, new perspectives for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. See how bold gold is making vintage relevant all over again.

Trend #5: Bold Gold Suits the Quirky and Unusual

Sometimes you just have to be different. Bold gold suits that need perfectly by bringing in quirky, unusual designs that appeal to the different drummer in all of us. Love animals? You're in luck. Insect brooches, ram's heads bracelets and snake earrings are just a few of the animal designed bold gold pieces you can choose from. Or try out a pair of bold gold brass knuckles to really impress your friends!


What's clear as we move further into 2014 is that bold gold jewelry is here to stay with yellow gold creations topping the list. From couture fashion houses to your own neighborhood, bold gold choices will be abundant. Create your own fashion statement by adopting one or two signature bold gold pieces in the style that best suits you. Whether a contemporary, chunky necklace or an eclectic animal brooch to set off that fabulous spring coat, you can bring gold bold couture home today.