House of Z - The Zac Posen Documentary

I think it's a fair assessment to say that Zac Posen has become a household name. If you don't know his brand of elegant and sophisticated womenswear, then surely you know him as a permanent judge with Project Runway.

As a young and extremely talented twenty-one year old, Zac Posen rocketed to stardom within the fashion industry - one of fashion's golden boys. His red carpet looks were showstoppers and graced A-list celebs like Gywneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet. But as we all know, what goes up, eventually must come down and golden Zac was not exempt. 

This documentary, directed by Sandy Chronopoulos, will premiere on on September 6 and will take us through the highs and lows of Zac Posen's career. 

Watch the House of Z trailer above.


DIOR AND I: The Trailer

dior and i movie fashionado

What happens when a fashion designer with a minimalist approach is at the helm of a legendary fashion house known for its elegance and extravagance? Raf Simons shook up Dior and the luxurious world of haute couture when he was appointed creative director in 2012. Dior and I walks you through his first collection for the iconic label. Dior and I hits US theaters on April 10th and I. Can't. Wait! For more information about Dior and I, visit their website.