Cheat on your Diet and Still Stay Fit with Celebrity Trainer Craig Ramsay

So how's that New Year, New You, gonna get fit, lose weight, bring sexy-back New Year's Resolution going for ya?? I thought so. Same here. But don't fret because celebrity fitness trainer, Craig Ramsay is here to rescue us.

Bad habits can be difficult to break and when a diet slip up happens it tends to send us on a downward spiral of fast food and shame. Craig Ramsay, can rescue your New Year resolutions and restore your faith in health and fitness with his unique Eat it & Burn it online series on U LiveCraig will guide you through specific workouts that will reverse the damage done by a diet fail. To motivate you to follow through with your fitness goals, Craig offers specific routines to work off favorite treats including, nachos, french fries and even pizza (because we can't always be perfect.) 

Take a look at this clip of Craig suggesting a few exercises to burn off a plate of nachos:

Well there you go... Now you can have your cake and eat it too thanks to Craig Ramsay! Happy fitness.


Blast900 for the New Year


Ready to get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your sweat on?


is coming to Midtown Atlanta just in time for the start of the new year! The lifestyle based workout facility already has locations in Buckhead, Dunwoody, and Athens, with Midtown being its fourth location to open in Georgia. Slated to open February 2014, BLAST900 will occupy the SkyHouse South building at Juniper Street and 6th Street.


Sexy Workout Fashions for the New Year


One of the best ways to get motivated for working out is by looking great. When you look great, it gives you confidence. That means that you will have more productive workouts when you throw on a sexy outfit. You will perform well when you look good. If you want to look your best at the gym, then take a peek at these sexy workout fashions.


Nike is the pioneer when it comes to all things exercise. They have been making more workout clothing for more people than any other brand since the early 80s. The company basically grew up with the fitness movement. If you want to look great, then throw on some sexy Nike workout gear the next time you go to the gym. One of the best things about Nike gear is that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to find in stores everywhere.

Under Armour


There is not brand of fitness clothing that is hotter or more fashionable right now than Under Armour. This tight fitting gear uses the power of compression to pull your muscles tighter, making you both look sexier and perform better during your workouts. 

As well as making synthetic exercise clothing that gives warmth, muscle support, and moisture-wicking properties, Under Armour also makes the best T-shirts in the fitness game. 

Their cotton workout T-shirt is five times as soft as a standard cotton T-shirt.

Mia Brazilia

The designer and founder of

Mia Brazilia

is Kaneta Harmon, who was an undefeated Muay Thai kick 

boxer and workout fanatic. She was unsatisfied with the level of sexiness and cuteness available in the selection of workout clothing she found in stores. She decided to take matters into their own

hands, creating one of the best lines of workout clothing in the world. 

 If you want a good idea of just how fabulous workout clothing from Mia Brazilia, consider the fact that Harmon’s guiding style icon in designing her clothing is Audrey Hepburn. 

This shows you just how stylish these clothes are.


For women who like to do yoga, there are no more stylish yoga clothing makers than



make very chic running clothing and sports bras as well. 

Their exercise clothing is both functional and 


You will love the wide variety of unique designs and prints that Lululemon employs in 

their styles.


If you are looking for a very soulful line of fitness clothing, then you should take a look at the designs 



Their line of workout clothing is inspired by Victorian fashion elegance that is 

merged with the form-hugging, functional requirements of movement, dance and yoga. 

The clothing 

from Nina.B.Roze is very sexy and very unique, and you will be sure to get noticed when you wear it 

to the gym or yoga studio.


This line of workout clothing

is not


for looking good. They consider their clothing to be part of a way of life that represents balance and harmony. 

They make incredible yoga clothing, but their gear is also 

great to wear to spinning classes, kick boxing, step class or rock climbing as well. 

Don’t settle for baggy sweats and an old T-shirt next time you go to the gym. Wear some sexy workout clothing that will be both fashionable and functional. 

You will look great and get a better workout.