Where to Find Fashion Inspiration Like a Designer


Fashion, like any art form, requires a constantly evolving flow of inspiration and innovation to stay fresh. Designers are always citing unique life experiences, interesting cultures, a point in history or even natural elements as their sources of inspiration. You can find inspiration for your wardrobe in every aspect of life. Instead of simply wearing what you are told to by a magazine or television ad, find your own fashion inspiration to create a unique look that is personal to you through sources like those that designers themselves use.


Fashion designers have been turning to natural elements of every kind to influence their work for a long time. Many designers even mix natural elements with synthetics. However, there are many different ways to use nature in fashion design. A new trend is eco-friendly designs, actually using the inspiration from nature to protect it. Mother Nature Network featured some of the designers who are using environmentally friendly materials and production. Some eco-designers, such as John Patrick Organic and Costello Tagliapietra have even gained mainstream praise for their smart and chic designs.

Stage and Screen

It’s no secret that stage and film productions are always one of the first places to showcase unique style and design. Both designers and fashion followers have taken influence from movies and plays, and vice versa. The recent Broadway production of “An American in Paris” received acclaim for its impeccable costume design taken from vintage Christian Dior collections. Another example of fashion meets theater is the revival of 1960s fashion that has been sparked by television shows like “Mad Men” and Broadway performances like “Jersey Boys,” as The Chic Spy points out.


According to FindFashion.com, travel is a common source of inspiration for many designers. Exploring the world, or even just a town you’ve never been to, enables you to experience another culture, a new style and a different way of life that can influence your own unique looks. For example, designer Sonia Rykiel credits a classic U.S. road trip as inspiration for some of her work. Alan Bedwell traveled around looking at architecture, especially that of Frank Lloyd Wright, to motivate his sleek designs. Mimi Plange said she went back to her birthplace of Ghana to draw inspiration from the culture of her own past. No matter where you go, there will be something new to spark an idea.

vivienne westwood


When all else fails, look to the fashion favorites of the past. You can put a modern twist on a classic look to make something entirely new and impressive. Last year’s Paris Fashion Week was awestruck by Dame Vivienne Westwood’s 17th century-inspired collection.

The jewels, lace and intricate design were classically presented, while the shimmery colors and fresh textiles gave a bright modern look that was romantic and edgy at the same time.

Westwood isn’t the only designer to mix decades, either. Boston.com featured a look by designer Charlotte Ronson who blended a World War II-era bomber jacket with an art-deco skirt reminiscent of the 1970s or '80s. Celebrating iconic fashion looks from all decades is always in style.