Onepiece Debuts SLOW / MOTION Collection for Autumn/Winter 2015

Globally recognized and celebrity adored leisurewear brand, Onepiece, is proud to announce the launch of their ‘SLOW/MOTION’ collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. The collection pairs an updated, futuristic, technical styling with unparalleled quality for a full line of men’s, women’s and unisex separates, outerwear and accessories, as well as numerous updated styles of the brand’s infamous jumpsuits.

SLOW / MOTION was inspired by the duality of expression, as something that moves fast but is seen slow. With a keen attention to fine detailing, texture and silhouette, the collection inspires people to take time to appreciate the extraordinary within the ordinary. Only by slowing down the fast pace of life, and analyzing the world on a smaller, slower scale, are people able to find and expose their individuality and be comfortable in living outside the norm. Onepiece sees this comfort as empowering and believes that it is comfort that brings confidence. Therefore, comfort is a major cornerstone to most achievements and the foundation to the SLOW / MOTION collection.

“Eight years ago, Onepiece was founded as an anti-fashion concept based around the art of slacker counter-culture. We were fed up with the social stress of the post y2k era, where people seemed to measure their worth with how busy and important they were. Fashion was laser sharp, bodies were supposed to be perfectly trimmed and our hearts were supposed to be cold as ice. We wanted to be the opposite of that. We wanted everything that fashion wasn’t. We offered a single product with a single cut. We had nothing to do with the fashion industry, and we wanted to be as far from it as possible. Our rebellion took the world by storm, and our jumpsuits quickly grew from an underground movement to a worldwide phenomenon” explained Onepiece Co-Founder Thomas Martin Adams. “Now that Onepiece has grown into the global brand it is today, we too have done some maturing. Maybe we are a bit less naive, as we certainly carry less of an anti-statement these days. We believe that the SLOW / MOTION collection perfectly captures the growth and updated aesthetic of the Onepiece brand, without losing site of the confident, strong, unique and independent personalities that we have always been inspired by.”