Malan Breton Fall 2016

Malan Breton NYFW F/W 2016 collection at NYC's Gotham Hall and appropriately themed "Gotham Disco Dollies" brought all the glam and sophistication that the title suggests.

EDM superstar songstress, Sylvia Tosun, set the stage by performing while the "Dollies" took over the runway in a collection of rich and sumptuous textiles to include angora, lambskin, python and silk. Malan Breton featured an elegant palette of colors like syrah and peacock, but one of my favorites was a pink, like the valerian root flower, that shimmered so brilliantly. Malan showcased it throughout the collection, but when it came out in the form of a fitted suit, I died. That a was a must-have for me. Wow. 

Malan Breton gave us a lot of outerwear in this collection as well. One of the standouts was a leather trench coat for men which later appeared (somewhat) like a wrap dress for women.

Malan featured menswear and womenswear combined and he created these looks to complement and work together as a cohesive collection. His womenswear was absolutely chic. Some pieces made me think of a modern day Jerry Hall. The closing gown was cut to perfection and worn to stop traffic. For men, Malan layered looks and played with silhouette by offering varying styles of tailored pants. He also styled a motorcycle jacket that he paired with evening looks, giving them an edgy rock vibe.

It is clear that Malan Breton has a vision and is honing in on it, polishing it, refining it and elevating it. This is a stunning collection - current, relevant and yet inherently personal and defining.