Robert Geller Fall 2016 Menswear

[I see] an 80's vibe in Robert Geller's Fall 2016 menswear collection - think 80's dressy with the silhouette of [some] of the trousers and in the cut of the short waisted jackets. BUT this is not what this collection is about. Robert Geller was inspired by a book from his childhood, The Grey Gentlemen, that featured mysterious men in gray suits and Geller used this as a point of departure for creativity this season. I know I always look mysterious when I cock my derby hat and sport leather half gloves. And speaking of accessories, the studded briefcases are a must-have! Interestingly enough, there really weren't many suits in the collection. Geller used book's story as in influence and not so referential. Geller gave us his interpretation through modern, fashion-forward looks. The coats are incredible, the fit, the style... Also, and to my surprise, the drawstring jumpsuit in the collection is pretty badass. I'm not a fan of jumpsuits, but this one is styled to perfection. The looks change a bit towards the end of the show as Geller's "character" evolves and embraces rich earth tones, velvets and satins.