The Future of Fashion

The future of fashion is with Une Belle Revolution so, if our future is held within our youth, then I can firmly say that with the talent coming from UBR, the future will most certainly be stylish. UBR is lead by Ms. V. Kottavei Williams who works tirelessly and passionately harnessing the creative spirit of her young and ambitious students. This unique fashion design program was created eighteen years ago by fashionado’s E. Vincent Martinez and taken over by Ms. Williams in 2012.

So exactly what is Une Bell Revolution and what makes it so special? UBR is Grady High School’s fashion design program - yes, high school. Grady High School is a gem, the shining star within its school district, excelling in the arts: visual, music, photography and fashion.

With Ms. Williams at the helm of the fashion program, her students are operating at a college level. They are learning garment construction, pattern making, special sewing techniques and illustration. By their senior year, UBR students are designing, creating and producing cohesive capsule collections. The annual runway show is a awe-inspiring and energetic celebration of the vision, talent and creativity of our youth.

Since the beginning of the fashion program, graduating designers have gone off to notable fashion schools like the Art Institute of Atlanta, Scad and FIT to name a few.

DOTC -  Doggies on the Catwalk  founder, E. Vincent Martinez presented Ms. Williams with a donation for her program. DOTC was created by Martinez in his Grady High School classroom 12 years ago and in alignment with the DOTC Foundation’s mission of supporting arts programs and fashion schools, the SEAM Grant has been created. Une Belle Revolution is its first recipient.  SEAM - Supporting Education in Apparel Mastery .

DOTC - Doggies on the Catwalk founder, E. Vincent Martinez presented Ms. Williams with a donation for her program. DOTC was created by Martinez in his Grady High School classroom 12 years ago and in alignment with the DOTC Foundation’s mission of supporting arts programs and fashion schools, the SEAM Grant has been created. Une Belle Revolution is its first recipient. SEAM - Supporting Education in Apparel Mastery.


Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton Offers Accessible, Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials


Virgil Abloh‘s conceptual Louis Vuitton collections have impressed critics and fans alike, though one could argue that they don’t cater to the average consumer; not everyone can wear harnesses and billowing cargo pants as part of a day-to-day wardrobe. Enter Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton.

The concise array of menswear pieces caters to those seeking premium essentials to round out their wardrobes. The goods themselves take the form of recognizable silhouettes, ranging from hoodies and denim jackets to tailored blazers and puffers, but feature subtle tweaks and lavish construction that befits Louis Vuittons luxury reputation.

Fabrication is key to the collection, with top-shelf textiles sourced for each item. Consider the buttery leather gloves, hat and backpack or the beige cashmere hoodie and coat, all replete with subtle details that include carabiner attachments, leather straps and LV-branded buttons. Similarly, the cotton for the denim jacket and jeans is sturdy, yet soft thanks to a special wash, with gold buckles and branded buttons reinforcing the luxurious motif.

A complete collection of items will launch in the debut Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton range, including field, track and leather jackets, a raincoat, polo and tonal utility shirts, flared trousers, cargo pants, cotton chinos and shorts. Classic LV bags, like the Keep-All and Tote, receive a thematic makeover that blends recognizable logos with utilitarian ease. Naturally, the range is rounded out by plentiful accessories, including sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, a low-top sneaker, work boot and derby.

Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton is currently available for pre-order in select Louis Vuitton stores and will be launched in the house’s global outposts on May 3



Malan Breton Fall 2019 Collection

Opening the doors to The House Of Malan Breton is like stepping through into an immersive theatrical fashion experience . Breton revolutionizes silhouettes in ways that express modern techniques with couture techniques of centuries past. Taiwanese embroidery techniques are deeply sewn and rooted into the seams as well his soul. Gowns are intensely hand-sequined in rich reds and bold burgundies. Leather adorned in Swarovski crystals and Japanese fresh water dying techniques are a few of the masterful formulas used to create the luxuries of this collection. The metaphor of the snake slithers through the collection as a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

Malan Breton on his inspiration…. “What if we could know the stories of the mad man, the other side of life as told by victims, what if we could know the pain, the suffering, the loss and abandon that bring the antagonists to madness? What if in this exploration of the psyche we learn that the evil, the unkind, were once pure? What if we knew their joys and could save them before their last moments. This season I try to tell a story of a Norma Desmond type character, before she loses her stability. Before she throws away her freedoms for unrequited love. Before the world knows her as a diva and a has been. A murderess. What if After Death we see the hearts of those who society drove to madness, before their utter demise. That is my vision this season for my AW19 collection.”

Malan Breton’s AW19 collection is a blissful reminder of better days – and the promise of the return of luxury.



Photos: Elvia Gobbo

Photos: Elvia Gobbo

The snow falling outside couldn’t dampen the upbeat, celebratory spirits of those that braved the elements to support three Turkish designers who made their NYFW debut on the runway of Industria Studios in the heart of the West Village.  Under the simple moniker “The Turkish Group Show”, Buket Özkalfalar, Gökhan İldeniz & Firat Neziroglu, each showed strong visions that truly demonstrated their place in the show, which was sponsored by the Turkish Government as well as the Turkish Textile Council, was truly deserved

Buket Özkalfalar – Buket Ozkalfalar seemed to be channeling a Goth version of the Great Gatsby when her pen took to the sketch pad.  Inventive versions of flapper dresses mixed seamlessly with futuristic frocks, many finished off with red carpet worthy Black evening coats.  Feather accents softened the collection & provided an overtone of whimsy & added yet another dimension to the collection of this notable newcomer 

 Gökhan İldeniz – Gökhan İldeniz presented a casual vision of menswear for his Fall 2019 collection NYFW debut.  Based mostly in denim with a serious dose of hand hewn, artisanal detailing like whip-stitching, patch-work, & inventive dying techniques that gave a broken-in, pre-worn, comfortable feel.  The roughly cut, raw pelt-like furs added a rugged, almost costume like fee

Firat Neziroglu – Menswear designer Firat Neziroglu, presented a collection that was pleasantly conflicted between dressy suiting & artsy-craftsy handmade separates.  In some cases, the dichotomy coexisted on one piece such as the rope closures on suit jackets or the yarn-based details on jackets & at other times, the two worlds were artfully mixed in an ensemble like the heavy, hand woven scarves worn over tailored outerwear & giant, open gauge hand knit cardigans over suiting jackets & trousers.




Was it a 1970’s “Glam Rock” concert or the Hakan Akkaya Fall 2019 collection?  That was the question on everyone’s mind as they sat along the U-shaped runway at Spring Studios on Sunday.  The Istanbul based designer presented his 3rd collection as part of NYFW in the cavernous Gallery I.  The massive space was filled to the brim with an audience dressed to impress, perfectly complementing the show-stopping looks that walked.

 Black, White & Metallic Silver, with a small dash of Metallic Pinks thrown in as an accent, made up every look of the collection of a Women’s & Men’s full designer range.  The cameras & phones went a-flutter when the key looks appeared.  The various looks in Black with Silver studs & spikes for Women proved to be audience favorites as did the range of inventive, body-con dresses, some with incredible sleeve and super strong shoulder details.  A range of Black & White, bold-striped faux furs for both Men & Women had every person in the room taking notice. 

 As the finale walk-around commenced, the entire audience shrieked their approval, only to ramp it up even more when designer himself, Hakan Akkaya, walked the entire runway, nearly floating with pride as he blew kisses to his legions of fans, new & old alike.


Introducing the All-Black Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

All-Black Take on Its Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

Turning its focus back to its Monsieur de CHANEL watch, Chanel recently unveiled a new all-black take on its flagship watch.

Set to officially launch at Baselworld 2019, the Monsieur de CHANEL Édition Noire features a 42mm matte black ceramic case paired with a matching grained dial. Markings on the dial are raised and done in a silver tone for a classic look.

The watch utilizes Chanel’s proprietary movement developed by independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier, expressed via a 240-degree retrograde minute scale and accompanying hour window. A sapphire window on the steel case back spotlights the Caliber 1 hand-wound movement, which features twin barrels and a 72-hour power reserve.

No official pricing details just yet, but Chanel’s Monsieur de CHANEL Edition Noire watch is set for a 55 unit limited release sometime in September.




Sometimes the interplay of Malibu-level luxury—tie-dyed cashmere “hand-airbrushed in L.A.”—and demonstrative backwoods roughness à la “mud-dyed shirting” struck a discordant note at this Amiri show. Yet if you let the music take you, this was a generally beguiling cover version of an acoustic California troubadour masculine standard, presented alongside its womenswear equivalent.

Unusually, the opening movement seemed more evening, unless you are the kind of guy who wears his tight leather pants over pointed black suede stack-heeled Chelsea boots under a black bomber jacket etched in lines of music sketched in Swarovski by day. All black, it played Vibram soled suede bikers alongside tucked-in cashmere combat pants under retro-military tailoring and tailcoats, sometimes frogged. Many of the jackets featured shadow-embroidered guitar straps running above the shoulder and across the body, also in Swarovski.

Movement two incorporated first olive and then checks—and python-print chiffon dresses in red and gray for the women. The silhouettes stayed the same, albeit with an additional exhale to long, apparently roughly knit cashmere cardigan coats, tailored cashmere overcoats, and underlayer shearlings. What looked at first like narrow cords of climbing ropes used as belts were in fact chunkily jacked amp cords strung through belt loops alongside dyed coyote tails. There was a shearling-face guitar case—there were a lot of handsome guitar and mandolin cases—teamed with a shearling-face blouson. Jeans patched with panels of fabric used in the outerwear looked good.

Toward the end, Amiri faded to very near white. A long beige overcoat was worn with a cream leather shoulder-holster harness attached to two envelope-size leather pockets that rested alongside each pectoral. A contemporary fusion of ingredients you could pitch as Bruno Cucinelli–meets–John Varvatos by way of old-school Roberto Cavalli, Amiri’s fresh-feel arrangements made mostly sweet music.

Source: Luke Leitch/VogueRunway