80's GLAM at Saint Laurent Fall 2016

The 80's ruled the runway at Saint Laurent. The collection was elegant and chic, I would expect no less from Saint Laurent. Some say it was a nod to Yves Saint Laurent, the man. I see it. But I also see other 80's references like an army of Robert Palmer women. The loudest reference I see, especially with the exaggerated ruffled looks and short-short skirts that border on tacky, come from one of the biggest TV dramas in the 80's. Remember Sammy Jo Dean Carrington? Cattiness aside, it is rumored that Hedi Slimane is leaving YSL as its creative director. Could this collection serve as clue? Vogue Runway suggested Slimane might assume the YSL couture helm. I guess we'll just have to brace ourselves with those larger-than-life shoulder pads and wait.