Keeping fashion new: Vogue's Anna Wintour on Paris Fashion Week

"A woman doesn't need something else in her wardrobe, but we need to seduce her again." Anna Wintour

As a blogger, I look at fashion all day it seems. Womenswear, menswear, couture, season after season. And there are so many seasons now that it's never ending. Not to mention an endless rotation of "fashion weeks." In this brief yet informed video clip, Anna Wintour speaks with Vogue  Magazine about the subject. No-one attends more runway shows than Anna and while we may want to live Chanel and Dior all day, we want (and need) something more.

I will always cover established houses and fashion labels but I also try to give emerging designers a platform. My Paris Fashion Week coverage this season focused on younger designer labels. Nothing is new. Everything's been done, so seeing a fresh perspective and a different point of view on an existing standard always breathes new life into it.