Emerging Designers Ruled the Charleston Fashion Week Runway

I lived for the Emerging Designer collections at Charleston Fashion Week. They are undeniably a major component to the DNA of the event. Charleston Fashion Week only showcases the best. The Emerging Designers are a lively, bold and daring crop of young designers who are bringing innovation, a fresh perspective and/or pushing the limits of fashion design. They are the ones to look out for. They are the ones who are taking fashion to new levels and shaping the industry.

The Emerging Designers ruled the Charleston Fashion Week runway with creative ideas, avant-garde concepts and ready-to-wear looks with a vision. Men, womenswear and kidswear were treated and showcased with artistic integrity and visionary style. Some designers had statements to make and used their platform to voice opinions while others created looks that could walk right off the runway an onto your back. They were dynamic, chic and sophisticated.

Some say that youth is wasted on the young... well they obviously never attended Charleston Fashion Week. As a blogger I've seen many things and as an educator, I can attest, that if you let it - them, the young with keep you young. 

Congratulations to all the Emerging Designers, many whom are still in college and kudos to Charleston Fashion Week for showcasing such talent.