Featured Designers: Charleston Fashion Week 2016

Charleston Fashion Week got a heavy dose of New York runway chic through designers Cadet, Creatures of the Wind, and Tracy Reese. The three "featured designers" rocked the fashion week tents with modern, elegant and sophisticated collections.

Tracy Reese brought "A Detroit Love Song" to Charleston. This collection was an homage to her hometown of Detroit. Lively colors and prints provided a fluidity that was balanced off with structured coats and the casual chic of slacks and dresses. There was a slight nostalgic quality to the collection which was no accident. 

Creatures of the Wind blew the crowd away, no pun intended! A series of jaw-dropping A-line top coats came down the runway leaving everyone mesmerized. Creatures of the Wind are all about textiles and it was evident. Furs, wools, silks, chiffons - all so rich and beautiful. The collection left me wanting more. Everything moved so well. It was feminine and powerful at the same time.

Cadet presented an impressive collection of menswear and womenswear looks. Cadet epitomizes what I consider to be a modern-chic approach to fashion and style. This is how I want to dress. Crisp. Sharp. And even though Cadet looks to the past, they offer a fresh perspective and sensibility to design. They have achieved a near seamless aesthetic (and balance) to menswear and womenswear.

Cadet designers, Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt, who I met a couple of times while at Charleston Fashion Week - they travelled with their precious doggie, so you know they're good guys - are currently on a TV show. Cadet is a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist and right now, you can catch them on The Fashion Fund airing on Amazon.

Charleston Fashion Week celebrated their 10th anniversary. It was my first but certainly not my last. It was a truly spectacular week. I looked over from my runway seat and sitting across from me every night were Ayoka Lucas- CFW founder, Fern Mallis!!, Tracy Reese and Cadet... not too shabby - at all. Rock on Charleston Fashion Week!