Eight Rising Atlanta Artists Showcase Custom-Designed Denim Jacket Collection

Footaction and Brooklyn-based denim company, Fourth of November recently hosted a private showcase in Atlanta bringing together local personalities and eight of the city’s rising artists to celebrate the recent arrival of Fourth of November apparel to Footaction stores (February 2016). 

On display during the invite-only event were the one-of-a-kind customized denim creations by eight Atlanta artists: Alea Hurst, Miloh Smith, Maxim Beeching, Monica Tooke, Nicole Kutz, Alfred Conteh, Markeidic Walker and Saviour Sanquiche. Each artists’ design represented their individual style and was inspired by Footaction’s “Own It” mantra, which is all about spotlighting and encouraging individuality and originality.  The designs expressed the artists’ unique artistic expression, and told the story of how they each own their creativity and head-to-style.

Atlanta marked the second stop on Fourth of November’s Artist Series collaboration with Footaction, where the two brands have visited local markets to shine a spotlight on emerging local artists through their denim customization. The kick-off of the series was celebrated in New York City in February, and will next stop in L.A., then culminate, in New York City, where it all began.