Chanel cruises to Havana: Coco Cuba

chanel in havana cuba

Chanel will be presenting their cruise collection in Havana, Cuba on May 3rd. "Coco Cuba" is the invitation for the show. When I first heard of the news last Fall, my first inclination was to attend and now I'm kind of upset I'm not there! Some of the reports I've read say that Chanel will cruise down El Paseo del Prado in Havana. [If accurate] that is the perfect place for a runway show. El Paseo del Prado is an wide, long terrazzo walkway elegantly canopied by trees. It runs for many blocks.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan supports Karl Lagerfeld showing Chanel in Cuba she told The Cut: “Listen, it doesn’t matter, it’s there, the image is there, they’re seeing beautiful clothes, they’re seeing fashion,” Gloria said. “And by the way, Cuba was huge in the fashion world. In Cuba B.C. — before Castro — the fashion would come out in Paris, and it would be in Cuba the same day. And it was a very, very elegant country; people dressed to the nines there. If you look at the fashions of Cuba in the '30s, '40s’, '50s, it was always cutting edge of fashion. So one day again it shall be. Right now, they’re just trying to find something that they can wear, and it’s tough.”

I couldn't agree more with the Estefans. 

I've read comments like, the Cuban people can't afford Chanel... why are they showing in Cuba, etc, etc... My response to that: How many of us can afford New York Fashion Week? Or Paris Fashion Week; or London, Milan... you get the point... Bring it Karl!

I'll post Chanel Cruise photos as soon as possible.