Chanel Spring 2017 Couture

Chanel Spring 2017 Couture


Chanel cruises to Havana: Coco Cuba

chanel in havana cuba

Chanel will be presenting their cruise collection in Havana, Cuba on May 3rd. "Coco Cuba" is the invitation for the show. When I first heard of the news last Fall, my first inclination was to attend and now I'm kind of upset I'm not there! Some of the reports I've read say that Chanel will cruise down El Paseo del Prado in Havana. [If accurate] that is the perfect place for a runway show. El Paseo del Prado is an wide, long terrazzo walkway elegantly canopied by trees. It runs for many blocks.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan supports Karl Lagerfeld showing Chanel in Cuba she told The Cut: “Listen, it doesn’t matter, it’s there, the image is there, they’re seeing beautiful clothes, they’re seeing fashion,” Gloria said. “And by the way, Cuba was huge in the fashion world. In Cuba B.C. — before Castro — the fashion would come out in Paris, and it would be in Cuba the same day. And it was a very, very elegant country; people dressed to the nines there. If you look at the fashions of Cuba in the '30s, '40s’, '50s, it was always cutting edge of fashion. So one day again it shall be. Right now, they’re just trying to find something that they can wear, and it’s tough.”

I couldn't agree more with the Estefans. 

I've read comments like, the Cuban people can't afford Chanel... why are they showing in Cuba, etc, etc... My response to that: How many of us can afford New York Fashion Week? Or Paris Fashion Week; or London, Milan... you get the point... Bring it Karl!

I'll post Chanel Cruise photos as soon as possible.


"Once And Forever" - a short film by Karl Lagerfeld starring Kristen Stewart as Coco Chanel

Once and Forever is a movie about a movie - an important detail to keep in mind as you watch Kristen Stewart throw fits, yell and be very difficult. Kristen Stewart traded in the werewolves and vampires for couture in this biopic about Gabrielle Chanel. Her character is supposed to be "challenging." Geraldine Chaplin, who plays an older Coco Chanel is absolutely flawless and delivers some of the best lines in the short film.  

Karl Lagerfeld premiered Once and Forever as the prelude to his recent Métiers d'Art runway collection.

If you have eleven minutes, Once and Forever is well worth the watch! 


Karl Lagerfeld takes Chanel to Cuba

Last year he took us to Seoul and yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld announced that he will be presenting the Chanel Cruise 2017 collection in Havana, Cuba. [You know I am dying over this!]

Cuba has served as the inspiration to recent fashion shoots and designer collections but leave it to Uncle Karl to be still, my beating heart by featuring a runway collection in the Cuba that I love so much. After returning to Cuba after more than four decades and meeting my father and traveling through different parts of Havana I am pro-everything that can move this island forward. 

I wonder where the show will occur? There are so many fabulous options. I can see it happening around el Malecon with the waves crashing on one side, historic buildings on the other and the street serving as the runway. But, I can also visualize a show down the grand terrazzo pathway of el Paseo del Prado. No matter where the venue ends up being, Chanel always brings drama and grandeur to everything it touches and this event will no doubt be epic.

So I have my work cut out: 1. get an invitation to the show AND 2.) secure my Cuban visa to travel legally back to Cuba (takes 4-6 weeks to get a visa.)


CHANEL Spring 2016 FLY ME

Move over Delta, Chanel Airlines is here! Uncle Karl transformed the Grand Palais into the most chic terminal in the world. Remember the days when ladies and gentlemen dressed to fly? There were no pajamas or sweats on this flight! Chanel Spring 2016 continues to evolve the legendary label with its mix of modernity and classic. Lots of tweed alongside bright graphic patterns and prints. Layered pieces gave way to a more relaxed vibe, though it was first class all the way.