The Alton Lane Experience

My Alton Lane experience began with a bourbon on the rocks and a friendly conversation with Alton Lane style expert Calvin Fields. I learned that we would be alone for the fitting because Alton Lane operates by appointment only. There's much to be said about 100% undivided attention. It's all about you at Alton Lane.

Before taking measurements, Calvin and I chose the specifics of [my] shirt. Everyone can be a designer at Alton Lane - [you] choose the textile, print, collar spread, pocket - no-pocket, cuff style, you name it! And if it gets a little overwhelming making so many decisions, no worries because Calvin knows his "stuff" and will guide you all the way. Two special features that are included with their service is the option to choose an accent fabric for the inside of your cuffs and the embroidering of your initials.

Now it was time for the fitting. Alton Lane handles your measurements in three different ways for maximum accuracy. Their clothing will truly fit you impeccably. Calvin took my measurements the traditional way, with a measuring tape. Then we went high-tech, for real! Alton Lane uses a 3D body scanner that takes your measurement, head-to-toe. You stand still for 30 seconds and allow the camera's to do its thing. Lastly, just to back all this up, I put on a sample shirt. This allowed Calvin to take even more precise measurements for the best, most custom fit possible.

My shirt will be ready in about two weeks or so. I'll return to Alton Lane (in the afternoon so I can enjoy another bourbon) and Calvin will conduct one final fitting.

Most of us shop off the rack. I promise you, nothing compares to custom tailored clothing. If you're thinking this is a luxury outside your realm, check out the Alton Lane website and think again! 

Book an appointment with Calvin Fields (888.800.8616)... start with a shirt, play it safe if you wish... but you'll be hooked and move up to a suit or tuxedo next.