[My] Design Session with Kit and Ace

I was invited by Kit and Ace at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta to come in for what they refer to as a "design session." What does that mean? Well, in my case, the design session turned into an impromptu photo shoot, but, the real purpose of a design session is to provide feedback to Kit and Ace on wear, style and functionality. They got an A+ from me on all counts!

The Canadian clothier has experienced acclaim for their "technical cashmere" - a proprietary fabric blend that is low maintenance, machine-washable and the softest textile you will ever touch. Their technical silks are just as soft. Beyond soft actually. 

Another huge, standout quality about Kit and Ace is that they pay as much attention to form as they do to function. I was blown away with the details and special touches in their design. Kit and Ace will take you from office to night in great style (and comfort). They are on trend with every look but also offer classic styles that will carry you from season to season.