To live and fry in L.A. with Kenzo


A summer vacation in Los Angeles feels a lot like the city itself: sprawling, arid, endless, blinding. Most of the time is spent loitering by the beach, on the boardwalk, around suburban lawns, by the pool. Stillness, music, heat,…

Photographer Rob Kulisek trails a group of young friends, locked up in the hazy city, trying to escape from boredom. The imposing sun and laid-back attraction of L.A. summer is intensified by the new cuts of the collection. Looser, slightly cropped fits enhanced by the logo or the Floral print heighten the tracksuit as THE timeless uniform of chill.

KENZO’s inimitable mix of pop fantasy makes the west coast boredom so enviable.


[My] "Style Signature" Shoot with Atlanta-based photographer Ralph Collins

e. vincent martinez fashionado

A couple years back, a young photographer caught my eye at the Ragtrade Atlanta runway show. Ralph Collins was framing his shots in an unconventional way by using different angles and suggesting art and movement.

Recently, he contacted me and offered a photo shoot but gave me a challenge at the same time. He wanted to capture "my style" and gave me three parameters to feature: brunch, casual day and formal. This wasn't the challenge! The challenge was that I had to pull from my own wardrobe - yep, my closet. At first I thought damn, I like when I get to play with labels from Saks or Jeffrey Atlanta - I'm tired of what's in my closet. You understand, right? Ralph's request made me think a little harder and appreciate what I already had. For the "formal" look, I knew I didn't want to do black tie so I opted for a suit and tie. Gucci suit, YSL coat and a crisp white shirt from Nordstrom. The safari jacket and green sweater for brunch and for a stylish casual look I went with joggers and a Chanel sweatshirt, sneakers by Tods.

Ralph was pleased with my choices. This is what he said about the shoot: 

The man himself, Mr. Fashionado, E. Vincent Martinez, stands in front of my lens for the very first time and it was a true experience. What is very understated is the level of personal style that the titled "style bloggers" have, due often to the assumption that their style is birthed from the necessity of their profession. With this photoshoot, I challenged that paradigm and requested that Vincent would come to the shoot prepared, given only the parameters of three occasions "Brunch" "Casual Day" and "Formal Dress". When we arrived at the studio for setup, and he began to display the wardrobe, he spoke with such assurance, such understanding in each piece and the meaning behind them and the memories that were attached to them; completely in awe I hung on every word while imagining exactly how I wanted to showcase them. 
Vincent's signature style became clear to me as we began to shoot. Simple staples with characteristics that reflect the functionality in which they're meaning to be used. No item brought simply for the sake of a logo, name recognition, or the need to prove one as "fashionable", but all items brought as a reflection of the necessary functions. 

I'm flattered and humbled. Thank you Ralph Collins. Keep doing what you're doing!


Rain Dove Featured In Sisley's FW17 Campaign #oneofakind

#oneofakind is the hashtag of choice for Sisley’s new FW17 Campaign, conceived by star photographer Bettina Rheims: Sisley once again challenges gender stereotypes with grace, style and sensibility.

The headliners of the campaign, dressed in iconic Sisley outfits, pose in front of wooden boxes that bring to mind those used for transporting great works of art: among them are transgender models Stav Strashko and Casil McArthur, American Rain Dove (who in her career has posed in both male and female clothes), as well as Fernanda Beuker, Sohyun Jung, Adela Stenberg and Freddie Ashcroft, one-of-a-kind charmers with androgynous looks.

The issue of gender equality is difficult to “capture”, as evidenced by the set design, as well as the clichés of what is masculine and what is feminine. "To open new paths, people’s reactions and emotions, including anger and fear, must be triggered,” says French photographer Bettina Rheims and Sisley chose to deal with society’s prejudices by showing individuals for what they truly are, giving them an even stronger voice. This is an important step for the brand, known for its rebellious identity as well as for its unconventional points of view: a new chapter in an original, unique and modern story."


New Year New You: Photo Shoot 2017

Blazer & Pants: ETRO Shirt: Brooks Brothers Shoes: Ferragamo Eyewear: Warby Parker

As the new year unfolds, many of us focus on a "new you." For me, this meant a fashionado upgrade. It was time to switch it up a bit with new looks, different styles. I took a more sophisticated approach to my personal style and image so in some of the photos I'm wearing Etro, one of my favorite design labels. Etro does pattern like no one else can and their fit is perfection! And because [I think] I'm a cool 50 year old, I couldn't resist and had to stage a few shots that showcased my ink. You can be dapper yet still be edgy. 

One of the best photographers in Atlanta also happens to be one of my best friends... Tomas Espinoza. We've been working together for a long time. Tomas is a perfectionist as am I, so we're a great match. I was able to pull him away from his busy shooting schedule at HGTV and as a freelance photographer to spend half-a- day with me! I'll be replacing some of the fashionado banner images with these. Thanks Tomas!


[My] Design Session with Kit and Ace

I was invited by Kit and Ace at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta to come in for what they refer to as a "design session." What does that mean? Well, in my case, the design session turned into an impromptu photo shoot, but, the real purpose of a design session is to provide feedback to Kit and Ace on wear, style and functionality. They got an A+ from me on all counts!

The Canadian clothier has experienced acclaim for their "technical cashmere" - a proprietary fabric blend that is low maintenance, machine-washable and the softest textile you will ever touch. Their technical silks are just as soft. Beyond soft actually. 

Another huge, standout quality about Kit and Ace is that they pay as much attention to form as they do to function. I was blown away with the details and special touches in their design. Kit and Ace will take you from office to night in great style (and comfort). They are on trend with every look but also offer classic styles that will carry you from season to season. 


Adele covers Vogue for March 2016

Adele "25" has been playing in my car since the first week of January. And when I'm not in the car, I find myself humming the album, so Vogue's March cover makes me quite happy.

Adele is a stunning woman on every level. I love her powerhouse pipes, the lyrics to her songs and her modesty and humility. Adele is featured on the March Cover of Vogue and her interview with Hamish Bowles for Vogue will make you fall in love with Adele even more. She opens up and speaks candidly about everything from fame to family. Adele talks about [her] weight and image, the red carpet, wining Grammys and to my pleasant surprise, reveals one of her favorite albums.

Annie Leibovitz photographed Adele for the Vogue cover and for the gorgeous images inside. There's a Springtime romanticism with a touch of Renaissance about the photos that are sooooo Adele. The "fabulous frocks" on Adele's back are Gucci, Burberry, Giambattista Valli, Erdem, Ferragamo and one of the most dramatic pics in McQueen.


Harper's Bazaar UK Women of the Year; Marion Cotillard

[caption id="attachment_18434" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Marion Cotillard for Harper's Bazaar UK."]marion-cotillard-harpers-bazaar-uk-fashionado[/caption]

"The concept of the day? High glamour, couture, rich colour, diamonds, luxurious fabrics, and a powerful, graceful elegance befitting Bazaar’s Women of the Year December issue; the edition in which we celebrate those women (and men) who have touched our lives and made an impact on our world in 2012." Harper's Bazaar






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