Our Favorite Winter Coats

winter coats

As we move into November, for many, the cool breeze that accompanies autumn will start to have a crisp bite. As winter sets in and temperatures drop it’s going to be time to wrap yourself up in something warm. If you don’t already have one, the first thing on your shopping list should be a stylish yet warm coat that is going to keep winter chills at bay.

There are occasions where you want to have a coat that you can open up and have layers to add texture and depth while still keeping you warm. But equally there will be days this winter, you want to zip or button up and keep the bitter cold at away. We’ve shared our favorites at doing both. Here are some of the winter coats trending this winter.

stella mccartney parka


The parka coat has been in trend for the last few winters.

It can be retro or modern, and it’s definitely practical. It's a casual coat that sits well with jeans and boots.

The parka has variations, with vibrant and daring colors available, like an apt Autumn orange or electric blue, making it a statement coat, or of course, you may choose the more classic neutral colors like black, navy or tan, making the parka pretty versatile.





Very on-trend right now, and perhaps a coat to complement the parka is the trench coat. Having one of each is in your closet will have you covered for most occasions, literally .

The trench coat is great for making casual a little more elegant, but often works as a suitable coat for more formal occasions too. It doesn’t offer as much protection against the elements as a parka would so you need to consider wearing layers. With that said, the trench coat offers a lot of versatility, a good look open or closed with floor length and knee-length options to choose from.


duffle coat men


A dark horse this Autumn and seeming to stay on trend as we move into winter, the Duffle coat works really well with a pair of skinny jeans or cords making it perfect for casual dressing, especially when accessorized with the right scarf.

Most people love the classic burgundy red, navy
and black but similar to parkas, having a brighter color duffle to contrast the rest of your outfit has a lot of stylish fans loving this option.



pea coat mens


Continuing to be popular is the Pea Coat.

It’s a very cosmopolitan look, often coupled with a knitted sweater and scarf for both style and extra warmth.

Having a fur color is a new flavor to the look, offering a little more detail, an extra texture and some extra warmth to boot. A perfect coat for milder days, or with the right layers, for winter and evenings.





Finally, probably one of the hottest and newer trends for coats right now is the shearing coat - it is everywhere.

We love layers and textures, but what’s great about the shearling, it’s not an overwhelming, bulky coat, like a parka is, but because of its lining, it’s as warm, if not warmer. At the same time, it’s suede-like exterior makes it a coat to fit many styles and needs.

Shearling coats can be dressed up or down. They are so hot right now, a must-have. There are an abundance of designer styles and choices available, so you can really explore the look for a great shearling coat that fits your personal style.