"Close your eyes and fly to the Secret Gardens of Alexander. A utopia, a fantasy land where euphoria is the only feeling of existence! A land with never ending gardens of delicate Japanese flowers, that the human eye cannot gasp in one breath! A land with human smiles that never will be forgotten and will always watching over us.  One of them, close to my heart is Alexander Boulais!  My agent in Paris! The person that with his instinct believed in my work.  A gentle human soul, a noble man that was always calm, soft spoken with a genuine smile and loved his garden! May you be the wind and the light that crosses your Secret Gardens and always be a shining star upon us!" ~ Maria Aristidou

Maria Aristidou, a specialist in couture knit wear, created a fantasy colorful world for spring-summer daywear and eveningwear for women where romance, positive energy and freedom are the safety keys for happiness. A playground of flowered patterns with silk viscose and metallic yarns and where elaborate embroideries decorate the luxurious knit fabric creations for today's woman.

Spring Summer 2018 is a collection with carefree curves and sleek cuts, with unexpected details, and the accessories that complete the beauty of this womenswear secret garden story.