Making A Fashion Statement This Spring

tory burch spring

Spring is finally upon us, and we no longer have to get trussed up like turkeys to leave the house and wear our big chunky boots wherever we go. In the spring and summer we can really have some fun with our fashion. It is the perfect time to experiment with style, make the most of our figure and have some fashion fun! Here are some of the ways you can make a fashion statement in the spring and summer this year.


Spring and summer might be the perfect time to wear colors and patterns, but actually you can make a stunning statement using black and white. By designing a black and white graphic tee from a website such as you can make a statement with a pair of black skinny jeans and white sandals.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are a great style choice for those of us who want to dress in a more classy way for occasions or in the workplace. A good midi skirt can make a massive difference to your overall appearance and will give you a stunning edge over everyone else in the crowd.


In the spring and summer time, it is fun to wear nautically themed clothing. During these months it is common to wear items such as striped shirts with a bright blue or red skirt and a cute bow in the hair. Stripes are a simple but effective style which suits every body shape and can add a touch of elegance and interest to your outfit.

Electric Colors

In the warmer months, it is the perfect time to take advantage of color and make sure you can wear the most vibrant palette possible. No matter your skin tone or hair color, you should not be afraid to think outside the box and wear a bold color alongside a neutral outfit.

Pretty Florals

If there was ever a print which was made for the spring season, it’s floral prints. Spring is the season where many flowers start to come alive and give our world color, so it is the perfect time to wear a floral print. One of the cute outfit ideas you could wear this spring is a floral tea dress with a denim jackets and converse. It’s fun, comfortable and feminine.

Crop Tops

One of the most iconic pieces of clothing to grace us in recent years is the humble crop top. A crop top is a great way to show off a little ski and stay cool in the warmer weather. A crop top can come in many different forms and can be made to suit any season in the year. However, the most popular time of the year to wear these items is the spring and summer. A crop top paired with a pair of skinny jeans, some high waisted pants or a skirt can make for a cute and sexy outfit for a sunny day. It is the ideal way to make a fun statement this spring.