Halving Your Wardrobe Can Leave You Rich In More Ways Than One

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When it comes to our most significant monthly expenditures, most of us would say that clothes are right up there. An obsession with stocking our wardrobes is one of those expensive adulting behaviors which we’re all guilty of. As soon as our pay packets hit our bank accounts, many of us head out to stock up on the latest fashions. We convince ourselves that new clothes will help us look and feel better. And, that in turn can increase our opportunities for earning. You could say, then, that this is a must for making money, rather than wasting it. Couldn’t you?

Not at all. In reality, there are a few key reasons to approach your wardrobe more minimally. If you’re reading this, the chances are that you already know about the benefits of stripping back your life. And, your clothes are no different. To prove that, let’s consider three benefits of cutting your wardrobe by at least half.

You’ll drastically reduce your expenses

As we mentioned, clothes form a hefty sum of our monthly expenses. A large clothes shop is so ingrained for many that we don’t even notice it. As soon as you stop buying clothes every month, you’re sure to notice the reduction in your expenses. In extreme cases, you may find that this frees you with over $100 extra spending money. Throughout the year, an amount like that adds up. That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t spend a cent on clothes. But, cutting back to just one item every few months is sure to make a real difference to your bank account.

You’ll discover the joys of accessories

When you aren’t buying clothes, you’re more liable to play around with what you do have. And, when you start to accessorize items, you open yourself for endless benefits. For one, you’ll find that accessories are both cheaper and easier to store than brand new clothes would be. That’s a benefit on both counts, especially if you’re embarking on van life. You may also find that accessories can satisfy you in a way clothes alone never could. You don’t need ten shirts, for example. You need only alternate between blue, green, and red ties throughout the week. For barely any cost, you’ll soon learn to create a new outfit each day. We would argue that’s a benefit worth cutting back for.

You’ll treasure clothes like you never have before

You may assume that halving your budget here would leave you loving your wardrobe less, but the opposite is true. In reality, owning less stuff always makes you value what you have more. And, the same is true for your clothes. Fast fashion is a pretty heartless affair. The focus is on new things all the time, not old things which mean a lot to you. The moment you stop looking for new clothing, then, you’ll come to appreciate the items you do have. As a result, your life is sure to be richer in every way...


The Trends To Be Wearing This Summer


The dust from all of the fashion weeks has settled, and we can finally sit down and decide what looks we want to rock over the coming months. From summer, to the  fall transition, to winter, there are plenty of looks to be watching out for. But first thing's first, summer is here! So what are the key trends to be looking out for? There is certainly a lot of bright color to be looking at, as well as bold prints. So without further ado, here are your summer fashion picks.

Bright Colors

It seems like designers had been raiding their children’s Crayola boxes for inspiration, as bright colors have been all over the catwalk. Tomato red has been a popular color of choice, with Victoria Beckham have several pieces in the shade, including her popular Harper slipper seen here: https://www.victoriabeckham.com/shoesglitter-red.html. So think emerald green, canary yellow, and cobalt blue as you plan out your outfits and accessories.

Subtle Jewelry

With the colors and prints on clothes being bright and bold, the accessories have kind of taken a step back for this month. So they can be kept pretty subtle, unless you have some matching bright tassel earrings to wear with your outfits. You could wear a subtle and sleek diamond ring, much the rage here https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/, and keep it simple with a pendant necklace. No doubt you’ve got a few bits like this already at home, so the good news is you’re unlikely to have to go out and buy more.


Is it even summer without some florals thrown into the mix? While a strong palm-leaf pattern has been pretty popular, florals are going to be a big thing over summer. Chloe has some of the prettiest and most feminine prints out there, as well as the ditsy prints that Loewe had on display. Sheer floral fabrics are also going to be big, which is great for any vacations that you’ve got planned.

Extra Large Tote Bags

We have seen large handbags and purses, to small cross-body bags in recent years. But the extra large tote is going to be a big thing over summer. Can we get a high-five for the practicality of this, please? You can fit everything in for a trip to the beach, as well as a spare change of clothes, your shopping, and plenty of accessories. Kate Spade has, as always, an amazing collection of tote bags with fun prints and bright colors, in-keeping with the other big trend of the summer; color.

Puff Sleeves

You might have thought that puffed sleeves were left back in the eighties, but they are back in a big way this summer. From jackets with puff sleeves, to big printed dressed with puff sleeves, there are various ways to wear this look. If you’re not feeling to brave about it, then high waisted acid-wash jeans, summer wedges, and a jacket with puff sleeves could be a good starter look, a la Givenchy on the catwalk.


Trend Alert: Head to Toe DENIM

by Marta Indeka/ GPS Radar

head to toe denim 2018
head to toe denim 2018

Sometimes loved, sometimes despised, the total denim look – aka the Canadian tuxedo – has been out of the fashion spotlight for over a decade and is often associated with cowboys and a 2000s aesthetic. That all changed with the spring / summer 2018 collections. We can now say without a doubt: this blast from the past is back in full force on the runway and on the streets.

Putting together a double denim outfit is a perilous art, and can easily turn into a memorable fashion faux pas when not mastered. As was the case with the iconic matching total denim ensembles worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards. However, as Timberlake would say, “what goes around comes around” and so has the score when it comes total denim, born again from its acid wash ashes and hotter than ever.

Stella McCartney, Chanel, Off-White

Stella McCartney, Chanel, Off-White

This season underlined how playful and versatile a total denim outfit can be, from dark wash with contrasting white stitching and ultra feminine corset at Mugler and the vibrant color washed combos at Stella McCartney to the layered grey denim pieces cut in a  loose boyish shape at Givenchy. Indeed, as the trend has returned, it comes with new rules, or rather an absence of rules and adapts easily to a diverse array of styles. Total denim is a fashion chameleon, allowing denim aficionados transform the look by mixing cuts, shades and washes, but also using embellishments like studs, pearls and perforations to elevate the outfit.

Adam Selman, Colovos, Esteban Cortazar

Adam Selman, Colovos, Esteban Cortazar

The brand Colovos introduced us to the utilitarian total denim look with XXL pockets and a clean, minimalistic cut in dark wash denim, whereas at Tom Ford an oversized jacket meets bralette and boyfriend jeans, creating a bold mix between masculine and feminine pieces. Chanel, on the other hand, created a romantic yet modern look, composed of matching light wash destroyed denim jacket and an A line skirt, with PVC details adding a touch of modernity to this nonchalant look. The Off-White take on double denim is a sleek reinterpretation of the classic, western inspired look: monochrome, bleached denim matching jacket and jeans, topped with white santiags cowboy boots. The silhouette is refined yet street smart. A fresh, less is more, reinterpretation of the cowboy look.

Although the head to toe denim trend has known some darker days, the hype surrounding this style is definitively back.  So if you are looking for an effortless statement look, dust off your denim and give the 2.0 Canadian tux a try.



Making A Fashion Statement This Spring

tory burch spring

Spring is finally upon us, and we no longer have to get trussed up like turkeys to leave the house and wear our big chunky boots wherever we go. In the spring and summer we can really have some fun with our fashion. It is the perfect time to experiment with style, make the most of our figure and have some fashion fun! Here are some of the ways you can make a fashion statement in the spring and summer this year.


Spring and summer might be the perfect time to wear colors and patterns, but actually you can make a stunning statement using black and white. By designing a black and white graphic tee from a website such as www.theartdepartment.com/custom-printed-shirts you can make a statement with a pair of black skinny jeans and white sandals.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are a great style choice for those of us who want to dress in a more classy way for occasions or in the workplace. A good midi skirt can make a massive difference to your overall appearance and will give you a stunning edge over everyone else in the crowd.


In the spring and summer time, it is fun to wear nautically themed clothing. During these months it is common to wear items such as striped shirts with a bright blue or red skirt and a cute bow in the hair. Stripes are a simple but effective style which suits every body shape and can add a touch of elegance and interest to your outfit.

Electric Colors

In the warmer months, it is the perfect time to take advantage of color and make sure you can wear the most vibrant palette possible. No matter your skin tone or hair color, you should not be afraid to think outside the box and wear a bold color alongside a neutral outfit.

Pretty Florals

If there was ever a print which was made for the spring season, it’s floral prints. Spring is the season where many flowers start to come alive and give our world color, so it is the perfect time to wear a floral print. One of the cute outfit ideas you could wear this spring is a floral tea dress with a denim jackets and converse. It’s fun, comfortable and feminine.

Crop Tops

One of the most iconic pieces of clothing to grace us in recent years is the humble crop top. A crop top is a great way to show off a little ski and stay cool in the warmer weather. A crop top can come in many different forms and can be made to suit any season in the year. However, the most popular time of the year to wear these items is the spring and summer. A crop top paired with a pair of skinny jeans, some high waisted pants or a skirt can make for a cute and sexy outfit for a sunny day. It is the ideal way to make a fun statement this spring.


[My] "Style Signature" Shoot with Atlanta-based photographer Ralph Collins

e. vincent martinez fashionado

A couple years back, a young photographer caught my eye at the Ragtrade Atlanta runway show. Ralph Collins was framing his shots in an unconventional way by using different angles and suggesting art and movement.

Recently, he contacted me and offered a photo shoot but gave me a challenge at the same time. He wanted to capture "my style" and gave me three parameters to feature: brunch, casual day and formal. This wasn't the challenge! The challenge was that I had to pull from my own wardrobe - yep, my closet. At first I thought damn, I like when I get to play with labels from Saks or Jeffrey Atlanta - I'm tired of what's in my closet. You understand, right? Ralph's request made me think a little harder and appreciate what I already had. For the "formal" look, I knew I didn't want to do black tie so I opted for a suit and tie. Gucci suit, YSL coat and a crisp white shirt from Nordstrom. The safari jacket and green sweater for brunch and for a stylish casual look I went with joggers and a Chanel sweatshirt, sneakers by Tods.

Ralph was pleased with my choices. This is what he said about the shoot: 

The man himself, Mr. Fashionado, E. Vincent Martinez, stands in front of my lens for the very first time and it was a true experience. What is very understated is the level of personal style that the titled "style bloggers" have, due often to the assumption that their style is birthed from the necessity of their profession. With this photoshoot, I challenged that paradigm and requested that Vincent would come to the shoot prepared, given only the parameters of three occasions "Brunch" "Casual Day" and "Formal Dress". When we arrived at the studio for setup, and he began to display the wardrobe, he spoke with such assurance, such understanding in each piece and the meaning behind them and the memories that were attached to them; completely in awe I hung on every word while imagining exactly how I wanted to showcase them. 
Vincent's signature style became clear to me as we began to shoot. Simple staples with characteristics that reflect the functionality in which they're meaning to be used. No item brought simply for the sake of a logo, name recognition, or the need to prove one as "fashionable", but all items brought as a reflection of the necessary functions. 

I'm flattered and humbled. Thank you Ralph Collins. Keep doing what you're doing!


Matthew Miller Fall 2018 Menswear

Matthew Miller menswear 2018

“There’s this underground music scene, really good 19, 20, 21-year-olds, who can’t afford gigs, but they can really play—and they have something to say. There was a long time when music didn’t have that, but now it’s back. And I wanted to give them a chance.”

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller Fall 2018 Menswear. See collection.


Men's Book Style Setters "Men of Style"

And here it is... Modern Luxury has chosen five dapper gentlemen as their 2017 Style Setters featured in the Fall issue of Men's Book. I am honored and thrilled to be among the Men of Style along with Todd Hoyles, Leron Rogers, Drew Brown and Dennis Dean. Very stylish company.

The photo shoot was a blast! Shot at a swanky penthouse at The Sovereign by Patrick Heagney, he and Stephanie Davis Smith of Modern Luxury had me doing all sorts of wild poses - all in the name of fashion and editorials. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Jeffrey McQuithy at Vis-A-Vis The Salon for my hair and grooming and another huge thanks to Jeffrey Atlanta's Men's Store. I'm wearing a Gucci suit with a Dior shirt in both shots but switched out the Gucci sneakers in the Table of Contents photo for a Maison Margiela lowtop paint-splatter sneaker in the other shot. Notice the Fendi Monster eyes peekaboo bag in both shots - a #MUSTHAVE!

You can see my spread and the other dapper dudes in the current issue of Men's Book, HERE!