How To Accessorize Any Outfit

burberry bag

Creating a perfect outfit might seem like a simple job, but it can actually take a lot of thinking about if you want to look like your favorite fashion icons every day. The ideal outfit is built around layers and accessories which create a flawless look that carries through the entire day. Here is how you can become a master of styling yourself this summer.

Pick a great base

Every outfit starts with one or two items to form a base. It will either be a one-piece such as a dress, or a two-piece (separates) such as a blouse and a skirt. As soon as you pick out your base, you have a canvas upon which to layer and style into a cohesive outfit. If you have a plain or a block of color you can add patterns to your layers but if it is already patterned you will want to keep things simple.


A layer can be anything from a scarf to a hat, a coat to a cardigan or even a statement necklace. It will be where you add that splash of color or pattern that will make the outfit pop. A layer is an immediate way to anchor your look and make it feel more like an intentional outfit from the outset.


If you have a few staple jewelry items that you wear with absolutely anything, now is the time to pop them on over the top. This will give you the chance to see if you can add anything else to the look or if you need to take anything out.

Balancing Trends

When a new trend comes out on the scene, it can be too easy to get wrapped up in the magic and end up overdoing your look. If you want to avoid this issue you need to remember that you can only add one or two trend items to your look at once. If you go over the top you will end up with a messy and cluttered looking outfit which just won’t fit any particular style. Keep it simple and steer clear if you can.

Fancy Footwork

Shoes can make or break your look, and it is important to always make sure that you pick shoes which are comfortable for you to walk in all day. If you pick a style like a small dress or romper, a pair of flats or white converse can look really cute and quirky. If you have a maxi dress on, a pair of embellished sandals or wedges will be better. Always stick to a style of shoe which fits the look, and don’t go too crazy with color unless you have a monochrome outfit and want to jazz it up with a bold colored shoe such as bright red or jewel tones.

Your Bag

Last but not least will come the decision of which bag to carry your things in for the day. A bag can be a great accessory for any outfit and choosing the right one depends on your style and your activity for the day. If you will be walking and shopping then Shoulder bags are the most practical, however, if you are wearing the bag for fashion, a handbag with a short strap is fine. A bold color or print can be a brilliant way to finish your look and make you look like a fashion expert once and for all!