BAROQCO and ABE by Ariane Chaumeil - Jewelry Presentation - FW 2018/19


There is magic and mystery in a mirror : the reflection of who looks into it is real, but reversed. We can see who we are, but always from the same point of view: face to face and reversed, with our own defects. It reflects a sort of fixed image of us, while at the same time truncated yet perfect, as another face of reality. Since we gaze at ourselves, all fantasies become possible and brings us back to face each other, and to what the world has to face.

Sometimes it's a symbol of a door to a different world in literature or beliefs, sometimes a magic tool or holly in a lot of religions, the mirror is a paradox, considered as a perfect restitution of the truth as an imaginary distortion. Thus the reflection from the mirror may make us see either the shadow or the light in ourselves, in our world, the chiaroscuro, the white or the black, the wisdom or the perversion. And as a two-way mirror, you can see without being seen. Step through and find out with this collection, and the part of your soul using your imagination, whether it is dark or radiant…

The fall winter collection of the ABE by Ariane Chaumeil house, whose crafting remains done with the blowtorch glass, becomes richer with a new proposition: the metal paste making. Sculpted and cast, the metal paste is modeled, sanded, fired at high temperatures, brushed and rubbed with a burnisher and polished several times in order to get pieces of golden and white bronze, and of pure copper, with a shiny, ancient rendering.