Mi Salsa es Caliente!


2 hand hold, back break, cross body lead, step no hands, jazz step, pretzel, chase, open back break into tricks, chaine (spins) back break, open leg footwork, back break, fancy footwork: dara da dara da, shimmy shimmy, body bump, knee knee, face face, tango step, hammer, back to back, dips-finish

For the figurative translation to the ABOVE, you will have to join Carrie Couch and I at CELEBRITY DANCE CHALLENGE on Thursday November 19 at the 14th Street Playhouse and catch the all the moves. But don't blink, its fast and we don't want you to miss anything HOT! 
The moves: sexy salsa choreographed by the extraordinary Carrie Couch. For 2.5 months we have been working hard at Dance 101 and at Grady High's dance studio learning, styling and perfecting the dance number. Thanks Carrie, YOU are fabulous!

The costuming: tight and revealing.

The cause: to benefit the Eating Disorders Information Network and support their commitment of awareness and prevention.

photo courtesy of Scott Reeves Photography