Birdie gets Inked

This past week, I had the fourth tattoo session for the full sleeve on my right arm. The masterful Malia Reynolds charmed her talents on the "birdie" and the sky surrounding it. The bird, which is the Trogon, is the National bird of Cuba and the orchid-like flowers, called mariposas, are the National flower.

Memorial Tattoo feels like home these days. Phil Colvin, Memorial's owner and Lee at the front desk, welcome everyone with smiles. The other artists pop in for visits and chats. A truly friendly environment - which is important because you want to feel at ease while getting tattooed.

I've been teaching myself to use iMovie. I hope you enjoy my latest 3 minute presentation. Malia does her thing! Note: One of Malia's talents is her speed. She's fast, however, I sped up the footage dramatically, to give Malia super-speed! (and to keep the video from being 2 hours long)

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