BARNEYS Co-Op Fall Fashion Glam-Slam

by L. B.

This past Friday, E. Vincent Martinez and Caren West of Caren West PR had a sequin, fur, and fun-filled play-date at the Barney’s Co-Op in Phipps Plaza. Between oooh-ing and aww-ing over the spectac Barney’s 25th anniversary items and figuring out just how to undress the famous blue mannequins (the trick? lift the arms UP and then out-who knew?) a handful of KILLER


looks were styled.

The result of the Friday glam-slam= eight impeccably styled blue mannequins.

Take a look:


Vincent and Caren pulled this stunning 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for the first look (and this dress happens to be one of the 25th anniversary items)! An added bonus: true to 3.1 Phillip Lim form, this dress has pockets! How convenient, right? We decided to pair the dress with a sturdy Alexander Wang purse, spike-y Fallon bracelets, and an Annie Costello Brown bracelet that really popped.


The next look featured a Helmut Lang top, Helmut Lang leggings, an Annie Costello Brown necklace, a stunning Sissirossi green bag that Caren quickly became obsessed with, and pair of Ray Ban aviators. So casual, so chic.


Next up was a gorg Isabel Marant top paired with the same Helmut Lang leggings and two gold Aesa necklaces. We loved the way the two necklaces of differing lengths complemented each other.


I’ve been pining for this structured Alexander Wang handbag for a couple of weeks, so I was thrilled when Vincent pulled it for this look. And it


look excellent next to this smokin’ Helmut Lang jacket. Girlfriend is workin’ it!


Vincent and Caren’s next outfit featured this sophisticated-yet-fun Forget Me Not scarf with a L’angence jacket, Helmut Lang black top, and Etten Eller necklace. I was tempted to pluck the jacket right off of the mannequin to keep for myself, but I refrained...


The minute I walked into the store I


this fab Vince sequin top was a must-feature. Suffice it to say that I now have a full-blown obsession with this sequined-beauty. In a stroke of fashion-genius, Vincent grabbed this amazing faux-fur Burning Torch jacket. On bottom: a pair of light-washed R13 jeans that added a touch of casualness. Side note: the Barney’s Co-Op has one of THE best denim bars in Atlanta- you pretty much owe it to yourself to go check it out!


Now, on to mens apparel! We adored this cozy Thom Browne sweater, paired with a matching Thom Browne scarf and undershirt. To top off the look, our photographer,

Andrew Wicker

, suggested this Rag & Bone hat that we all agreed really pulled the outfit together. The look also features True Indigo Cone Mills denim and Fiorentini + Baker boots.


--- If you’re a denim-on-denim fan (like myself) then you DIE for this next look, I’m sure! Denim shirt, red undershirt, and jeans are all by Levi Vintage Collection, and the messenger bag is by Will Leather. Yes, please!

My personal fave?

The sequin-and-fur get-up. Love the casual light-washed denim with the blingin’ top and glam fur. Something tells me that somewhere,  Rachel Zoe is smiling...


Liz Bloeser

is a fashion blogger from Atlanta, GA who enjoys sequins, BravoTV, and Texas margaritas. Check out her blog here:


BONUS Pics by Andrew Wicker!