Christi Paul - Celebrity Salsera!

[caption id="attachment_5107" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="Christi Paul & Rubin Haimov for EDIN's Celebrity Dance Challenge."]



From news anchor to salsa queen, CNN's

Christi Paul



away from the anchor desk and is about to set the dance floor on


with her

muy caliente

salsa moves in this week's highly anticipated

2nd Annual Celebrity Dance Challenge (CDC)


I was curious to see Christi's routine since


dance was also salsa in the inaugural CDC event last year for the

Eating Disorder Information Network, EDIN.

I called up choreographer extraordinaire, artistic director and creative genius,

Bubba Carr

and said, "hey, I want to meet Christi Paul" and next thing I knew I was watching her rehearse at

Dance 101


You are in for a treat Thursday evening,

the routine is amazing! Christi and her dance partner,

Rubin Haimov

, have so much chemistry, you'd think they've been dancing together for years, rather than weeks. You can see the passion in their movements which are fluid, seamless and dramatic. I was thoroughly impressed and entertained!

Christi told me her friend and CNN colleague,

Holly Firfer

, asked her to dance in this year's show. She has no regrets, though admits learning the routine was more challenging than expected. On the other hand, Christi's enjoyed the work out she's getting out of dancing, especially after recently having a baby. Additionally, Christi who has never danced salsa before (though you wouldn't know it) is proud to have made a contribution to the choreography based on a cheerleading routine from when she was in high school.

You'll just have to come out Thursday evening, October 21st, to the 14th St Playhouse to cheer Christi and Rubin to victory! (


by cheering, I mean votes!

click here


Pretty fabulous! I sneaked a peek at Christi and Rubin during another rehearsal yesterday afternoon and their routine is so polished. Totally amazing!

About Celebrity Dance Challenge

Fashioned after hit shows like So You Think You Can DanceTM and Dancing with the StarsTM, local Atlanta non-profit, EDIN (The Eating Disorders Information Network) and Dance 101, are joining forces again for the 2010 Celebrity Dance ChallengeTM. Local Atlanta celebrities partner with Dance 101 teachers and compete by dancing for votes! The number of fan votes received determines winners. Anyone can vote for his or her favorite celebrity for as little as $1.00 per vote. Votes will be collected both online for the months preceding the event and during the final performance. Tickets to the final performance are $29.00 plus tax & service charge. Tickets are on sale now: