Thank YOU!

[caption id="attachment_8623" align="alignleft" width="219" caption="Karen Portaleo, Cake Artist at Highland Bakery."]karen-portaleo-cake-artist-highland-bakery-food-network-vincent-martinez-fashionado[/caption]

I remember the days I would post a new blog on Thursdays only. I did that consistently, without fail, for an entire year. [fashionado's first year] Honestly, there were times that I had to really search for a story.

I remember the days I was lucky to have 30 daily visitors!

Its amazing how much can change in just one year. Life is kinda like that, too...

Today, my website celebrates its second anniversary and I am blessed with an abundance of stories and visitors. Life is good!

My message today is simply a thank you. But, its really not that "simple."  I mean it with a lot of sentiment. "THANK YOU" for the tremendous support you have provided and continue to provide.

Without you, there is no blog, no website... no fun! xoxo