Rachel Zoe Resort Collection Launch

a message from Sandpiper Boutique's The Pipettes:



I’m not such a fan of reality TV.  I have not watched Bravo since they cancelled 

“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.

And, I was sort of “meh” when peeps raved about the 

Rachel Zoe Project


So, in August when I was invited to her NYC showroom to view her Resort Collection, I was a little, you know – meh.

I die.

The collection immediately drew me in.  Impeccably edited, each silhouette seemed vibrant, refreshing, modern, and alive!!!  Nothing seemed redundant, nor fleeting, nor forgettably drab.  

I was in LOVE.

And, I wanted every single piece for my very own!

Join the Pipettes for the Launch of the

Rachel Zoe 2012 Resort Collection

It is, in fact, “maj, bananas, insta-chic, and kind of gorg”.


Come see us!!!

Love, the Pipettes xoxoxo