Tom Ford for H&M!?


"Noooooo!" That was my first reaction when I received a text from my bestie about the potential collabortaion between H&M and designer Tom Ford. I wondered, what could Ford possibly produce that the average consumer could afford. A tank top? Socks? Really, from Gucci to H&M?

I can't afford Tom Ford, yet oddly, I enjoy the concept of it's exclusivity.  But when my impeccably dressed, label-whoring friend  said he'd have his "ass at H&M on the first day," I began to rethink my view(s).


reported that with the projected success of Versace for H&M [which launches on Saturday Nov. 19th] that the retailer would be very interested in a collaboration with Ford, who has declined to comment on all of this.

Since 2004, H&M has been successfully featuring collections by major fashion designers like

Stella McCartney


Viktor & Rolf

. It was the mac daddy of them all, however, who raised eyebrows by starting the trend. If

Karl Lagerfeld

can design for H&M then I guess Ford can too.

Lagerfeld poked fun of his H&M collection at the time (11/2004) with this hilarious commercial:

Tom Ford for H&M... we'll just have to wait and see. Will I own the Ford label?

You bet!