Fashion's Night Out - NYC



If I had to describe FNONY in just one word it would be, unreal. Last night was a celebration of the good, the tragic and the OMG-WTF are you wearing, as fashion victims of all kinds took over the streets of Manhattan in honor of the biggest fashion night of the year, in it's birthplace of NYC. You should be proud of me Atlanta because [apparently] I represented our city right. I was photographed by four different media types for their publications while I was out and about. My vintage bowtie - metallic shoe combo turned heads, I guess!

So, what was FNO like in NY? I called it unreal, but why?? 

The energy and excitement in the air. The masses of people flocking stores. The long lines to enter designer showrooms looked like the lines you'd make at Disney. All this made it seem unreal. AND fabulous!


I wasn't alone. My friend of twenty-six years, Jeff, was with me. We started our evening in the Meatpacking District because

Alexander McQueen

was on the top of our list. It took us about fifteen minutes to get inside and that was lucky for us because not much later, the line went down for several blocks!


Guests were invited to enter a room where the walls were filled with these hot pink cards, McQueen called it their "Wonderwall." On the back of the cards was a a gift item for about nine lucky winners. The rest of us got a whopping 10% off any item in the store.


Pop-up tents like this were common throughout. Loads of FNOers were getting hair / make-up, etc...


We missed out at


. There was no line when we got there but were distracted by Jeffrey across the street. When we came back outside, a clusterfuck style line had formed to get inside of DVF. We said, "no way!"


It was great to finally visit Jeffrey NY. It's at least 3X or more the size of the Atlanta location and they carry menswear!


After Jeffrey, we were done with the Meatpacking District and headed uptown to check out that scene. Jeff and I wandered into


to say hello to a friend who was working. Saks was insane. All of uptown, neighborhood to so many fabulous designer showrooms, was totally insane. As much as we loved FNO, it is fair to say that we were overwhelmed [but ready for it again next year!].