Thom Browne / tribeca


In NYC, most will walk past 100 Hudson St. in Tribeca and not think twice about this building. Many may pass it over as just another nondescript office building. Unless, that is, if you know what you're looking for. The signage on the door tells you what is inside but as you can see from my picture, you'll need to walk right up to it OR have bionic eyes. Then, you must ring the bell for admittance. It's not that

Thom Browne

doesn't want to be found; it's just that you either know about the label and love it or you don't. I happen to know it, love it and was dying to "play" dress-up!

The showroom, with it's high ceilings and terrazzo floor, is as modernist as expected. Racks of perfectly displayed clothing on either side of the wall keep the room very spacious. I tried on three spectacular coats, all of which would break my bank, but damn it felt good! The main room is all menswear and a second smaller room features women's clothing.

Not surprising, Thom Browne hires the perfect team to represent his brand. The two ladies at work were flawless and very helpful may I add. [Ask for Daphne!]