Five Fashion Items Every Man Should Own

Men’s fashion is usually simpler than women’s but this doesn’t mean that you can simply wear the same clothes over and over. If you are a man who would like to express himself through their style, you will need to make sure that you can change your looks using smart accessories and invest into some basic things that you can combine to create a new look every time. Below you will find a list of five items every man should have in their wardrobe.

Man Bag

No matter if you are engaged in networking or meeting clients regularly, you will need a stylish leather man bag for your accessories, paperwork, and other items you might need.

From laptop sized bags to small casual shoulder bags for meeting with friends, you will need to create a collection, or you will have to ruin your looks by stuffing your pockets with your paperwork and your wallet, not to mention the risk of losing them if you don’t have zips.

Leather Boots

No matter if you are a jeans person or love wearing smart clothes, you will need a pair of leather boots that will match your style. Natural brown will go with almost every color and can even be worn with casual suits. Leather boots can help you create the right appearance without looking like you have made too much effort getting ready in the morning.

Stylish Scarves

Accessories have been neglected in menswear for a while, but they are having a comeback. Instead of keeping it simple, you can spruce up your looks by adding a few elegant or funky scarves. You will be able to add color effortlessly and create a designer look for less. Make sure that you don’t only get winter scarves for your coats and jackets, but also decorative ones you can wear with suits during the summer.

Collection of Ties

silk ties

Every man needs to build a smart collection of ties. There is something special about choosing the right one for the day ahead and your current outfit. Make sure that you check out the latest John Henric ties for men and match the colors and shades with your existing wardrobe, so you can make a statement even when you need to look businesslike.  

3-Piece Suit

e. vincent martinez fashionado

No matter if you work in the corporate world or run your own business, the first impressions matter more than you would think.

If you would like to make a statement and look sharp at a meeting with a client, you will need a smart three-piece suit  that will help you create a sophisticated, professional style and look stunning on corporate photos, too.

Choose the right accessories and get a couple of color combinations that express your personality.

If you want to dress for the occasion every time without spending too much on your wardrobe, it is important that you shop in a smart way. Improve your looks by finding the right combination of basic outfits and accessories.




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“Why, why, do people change things up so quickly? When we introduced one pant, it only sold 60 pairs in the first season. We kept at it, and, well on, we sell thousands of it. That’s how it works.”

Patrick Grant - E. Tautz

E. Tautz continues with the "very full thing" as he tells Vogue during London Fashion Week. We are particularly fond of the wide leg pants, the dramatic pleat and the pleated denim trouser.

See the full E. Tautz Fall 2018 menswear collection.



jason derulo bloomingdales

Luxury menswear label LVLXIII (pronounced Level 13), founded by Atlanta native Antonio Brown will launch at Bloomindale’s Lenox Square as part of an exclusive partnership between the label and the retailer.  Investor and brand ambassador Jason Derulo will be on hand at the launch event to introduce the spirit and inspiration for the fall collection. 

Brown and Derulo participate in a panel discussion led by Dennis Malcolm Byron, contributing writer for Men’s Book Atlanta.  The partners will discuss growing a business from scratch and breaking into the luxury fashion business.

LVLXIII was launched exclusively at Bloomingdale’s earlier this year in four doors including New York, LA and Miami.  In addition to key menswear pieces, the line also includes a shoe collection that will be in stores in spring 2018.  The brand, described as streetwear meets luxury, is part of Bloomingdale’s Lab concept which highlights the latest trends in designer streetwear.



The Best Blazer for Layering Is the One You Already Own

The best transitional layering piece you already own.

With the constant temperature change, spring is the time for fashion opportunity. Although winds suggest the need for tweed, in between seasons, a classic wool tweed blazer can double as outerwear and office wear. Just turn up your collar and you are ready to walk out the door.

The trick to pulling this look off is by wearing tweed with a relaxed-fit, worn-in denim and a cozy cashmere crewneck. Don't get stuck between seasons, use these times as an opportunity to mix and match. Find the look and where to buy at


Thom Browne Fall 2017 Menswear

Thom Browne Fall 2017 Menswear


Jeffrey Rüdes Fall 2017 Menswear

Jeffrey Rüdes Fall 2017 Menswear