Creating The Perfect Outfit From an Assortment of Clothes at Home


A noted romance author enters an event. She is wearing a striking outfit that instantly becomes the talk of the party. Perfectly accessorized, her ensemble is thought to be the work of some contemporary gonzo couturier. It must have cost thousands, the murmurs suggest.

In reality, the outfit started life as men's pajamas the author picked out of a junk pile at a thrift store. They weren't even part of the same pair of pajamas, but their colors matched nicely. The print was striking and unique. She donned a belt, some cool jewelry and went out in style. No one knew the thing cost her $2.

The key is to always choose quality, no matter where you find it. That's the essential ingredient whether you buy the clothing item at a second-hand store or at a 

Brooks Brothers

store. If you have a ready supply of high quality fashions, like 

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, then any mix of them will always have the élan of fine fashion. Learning to combine the items is merely an added skill.

Here are a few basic rules:

1) Contrasts work nicely when done tastefully. This is what made our romance author's tout ensemble a slap-up success. She wore a pair of men's silk pajamas with some pricy jewelry and a designer belt. On another occasion, she donned an old motorcycle jacket, silk camisole and a pair of lace leggings with some steampunk boots. Her husband wore antique riding breeches, a high-collar shirt and a Brooks Brothers jacket.

2) Don't act your age. Dress against expectations. People tend to mentally file their impressions of people in line with their expectations. Those fabulous, expensive designer togs may well fade into the visual party hum if it's exactly what most people would expect you to wear. Too many other party attendees will be wearing something similar. There are only so many ways to cut a suit or dress. If you surprise people, they will remember.

3) Don't stick with one designer. Naturally, you'll want to trend toward the best clothing companies, like Brooks Brothers Clothing, but pairing that suit with a constrasting style of designer can be fun.

4) Wash, iron, press, launder and do whatever else must be done to make your clothes ready and presentable when you need them. If your clothes are ready and waiting, it's easier to toss-up great salad attire at the last minute. If you have to stop and launder one item, you'll find yourself with much less time to complete your designer look.

5) Last looks are essential. Be sure to gauge yourself honestly.

Once you're secure in your apparel, you'll wear it with confidence

. Our romance author didn't walk into her party feeling like she was wearing old pajamas. She dressed like she looked fantastic -- and she did.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Bring with the experience a feeling of fun and you'll carry that emotion with you throughout the event you're attending. Your attitude is the best accessory of all.