Night Fever hits Project Runway


"At first I was afraid, I was petrified."

Am I referring to Disco Diva Gloria Gaynor's anthem

I Will Survive

OR to

Project Runway All Stars'

Disco Challenge? If you guessed "both" you are correct! Some of the designers were doing the hustle when they should've been making it work. Project Runway sponsor Nine West challenged the designers to create a disco inspired look based on shoes that they provided. There were good designs and there were tragedies. 


Everything about Casanova's dress worked: the color choice, the metallic shoe and hair style. He gave us sexy and chic; modern with a hint of retro.

Hot Stuff.


I was surprised that Althea was not in the bottom. That top looked like sewn together rags. Maybe her look was an interpretation of the morning after partying at Studio 54 all night?

Bad Girls.


A simple dress by Anthony. Too simple for my liking. Even though there's complexity to the pattern / construction of the dress, overall, the style, color and wow factor are lacking. Its a boring frock. She would have not been let into the disco, sorry.

Turn the Beat Around.


Our little lamb Andrae. This is better than last week's but Andrae is still somewhere, in a parallel universe where weirdness reigns.

Wishing on a Star.


I haven't figured out if I don't like this dress because I don't care for Ivy or because I just don't like the dress.

There But for the Grace of God.


I definitely see the '70s influence in Joshua's sleeveless pant suit. It's well done and I love the color. The one disappointment I feel comes from how plain it is. If there was ever a moment to embrace the bezdazzle, glitz & glam that you're known for, the disco challenge was it!

Don't Leave Me this Way.


Michael Kors made a comment about being a good tailor doesn't mean you're a good designer. Kayne did well but this outfit feels a little costumey with the patterned pant. I totally love the sequined top and the orange shoes.

Funky Town.


The sequined jacket is my favorite single piece out of the challenge. Overall, Laura's look is fantastic. What doesn't work is the color of the jumper with the nature of the challenge. It needed to pop.

More, More, More.


Maybe one day Suede will graduate from fashion school. Maybe one day Suede will stop talking in the third person. Or if we're lucky, next week will be his last so that we won't have to suffer with the other two maybe's anymore!

Le Freak


Wendy Pepper was old enough (like me) to live through the fabulous disco era. (Unlike me) she probably stayed home on the weekend doing whatever frumpy kids do. I just don't get this look. Wendy, this could have been great! What possessed her to make hideous bell-bottoms and to choose the pattern fabrics? There is so much bad going on here. Did she think the challenge was to create a "disco is dead" look because this is killing me. The party's over for Wendy.

Last Dance.


Now this is much better on the eyes. Emilio's gorgeous, flowy halter dress was beautiful on the runway. The fuchsia waistband and matching straps I am not crazy about. The dress made a statement, however and the color was spectacular.

I Love the Nightlife.


Uli won the challenge with a very beautifully made dress. It feels more like '20s flapper than disco queen, yet it worked enough for the judges to call it the winner.

This Time Baby.