The Suitable Man


It's party time!

But first, let's rewind...

Many months back,

Eidé Magazine

partnered with

Trio Tailoring

on a pretty ambitious campaign. Together, they hand-picked five men who represented a range of diversity from age to career to ethnicity, orientation and personal style.

I am thrilled to be a part of this group.

Trio Tailoring, an Atlanta based custom suit company met with each one of us, took our measurements and allowed us to choose our fabrics. This was a very detailed, very hands-on experience. Super fine wools and Egyptian cottons were only the beginning. We also chose colors and patterns to suit our personality. Placket, cuffs, collar width, etc , etc??? All choices for us to personalize our suit.

Guys, this is the way to shop!

When the suits were ready, Trio Tailoring scheduled a fitting and a couple weeks later, Eidé Magazine arranged a photo shoot. It was fantastic! We looked so dapper and stylish, classic and modern. The images are featured in Eidé Magazine.

On Thursday, October 25th, celebrate

The Suitable Man

with Eidé Magazine, Trio Tailoring and five of the best dressed men in the city (thanks Trio!) The party starts at 7pm at Park Tavern.



Eidé Magazine raises the question: what makes a suitable man?


Thank you

Trio Tailoring


Eidé Magazine!

I love my three-piece suit and custom shirt, especially in that I had a hand in every aspect of creating the look.

See you Thursday!