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by guest blogger, 

Sherry Levine

The latest crop of celebrity brand ambassadors has proven particularly promising, with such big names as Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried signing on with their favorite designers. These celebs bring something new to the table, with their personalities proving every bit as important in attracting audiences as their hotness. Their effortless ability to change the image of some of the world's prominent brands is clearly attracting attention—and it should be.

Celebrities have long been paired with a wide array of brands in hopes of convincing the public to invest in the latest trends. And the tactic clearly works—if it didn't, companies would have quit sinking their money into celebrity endorsements long ago. While some critics scoff at celebrity branding as a marketing tactic that lacks creativity, recent campaigns have proven that, when the right celebrity and product are combined, the result can be truly droolworthy.

Givenchy's 2013 fall campaign

includes a number of prominent names, such as superstar stylist Carine Roitfeld and her daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Although these are familiar monikers in the fashion world, those unfamiliar with haute couture are less likely to be influenced by their inclusion in the campaign. However, actress, dollface and recent trainwreck

Amanda Seyfried

is known and [hmmm] adored. As a result, she will attract plenty of attention to Givenchy's new Very Irresistible perfume.

Scarlett Johansson and Dolce & Gabbana

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Although she is not new to the Dolce & Gabbana brand (she shot a commercial for the designer back in 2011), Scarlett Johansson's recent re-inclusion in their fashion campaign is refreshing. Scarlett's pouty lips and seductive eyes will be showing off Dolce & Gabbana's exclusive line of makeup. She appears alongside a marble statue (which her flawless complexion easily outshines), looking beautiful as ever in makeup that is natural and yet sensual.

She was also recently spotted along with Matthew McConaughey in Malibu shooting with Dolce & Gabbana for their latest perfume campaign.

Jennifer Lawrence and Dior

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She's clumsy, she's awkward, she's cute... therefore, she's unbelievably loveable and, as Rolling Stone exclaims, she's "America's Kick-Ass Sweetheart." Jennifer Lawrence is appreciated both for her acting ability, her goofy photo shoots and her down-to-earth approach to the celebrity lifestyle. Let's just agree to put her 

hilarious pictures

on the side burner as she has the opportunity to show her sultry side. So why is this seemingly humble actress now the face of the consistently sophisticated Dior?

Turns out, Jennifer has begun to express an interest in fashion, and while doing so she never comes off as haughty or stuck up. By incorporating the seemingly opposite worlds of high fashion and Jennifer's laid back vibe, Dior is showing that the most stereotypical girl next door can transform herself into a fashion diva at the drop of a hat.

Tilda Swinton and Chanel Couture

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Known for her quirky sense of style, Tilda Swinton has recently been snatched up by fashion maven Karl Lagerfeld. Her big objective is to prove that Chanel Couture can be a forward-thinking label. In her Chanel campaign, Tilda is shown posing in front of a Scottish castle, and although the modeled designs lend her an air of elegance, she still manages to hold on to that whimsical vibe that makes her such an appealing (if occasionally perplexing) presence both on the silver screen and the red carpet.

As top designers continue to include prominent Hollywood names into their campaigns, they are likely to see greater engagement from consumers—a definite must-have in this golden age of starlets and social media.



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