Green your Wardrobe with Eco-friendly Fashions

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Rebecca Chandler

As people become increasingly more aware and sensitive about their impact on the environment, it's not surprising that fashionistas and fashion brands are going green. Clothing manufacturers turn brands green, for example, by removing toxic chemicals from the fabrication process or producing products with organic cotton and natural materials. Popular and accessible brands, such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Zara, have committed to eco-friendly initiatives that include detoxifying the clothing design process and offering more environmentally friendly clothing options. This fashion evolution gives customers the opportunities to green their wardrobe and live a more responsible lifestyle as well.

Study NY


Study NY leads the eco-friendly fashion industry and was originally developed in Brooklyn, New York, with urban-stylish green designs as the forefront of its mission.

Study NY uses superior-quality organic and recycled materials for its most stylish designs, including "city-friendly pieces" accented by "trompe l'oeil details" and "quirky-cool prints," as described by


Not only does the green clothing company focus on environmentally conscious materials, Study NY strives to reduce the amount of wasted materials with no-waste pattern-making methods and produces its clothing locally in New York.



Take a stroll down the beach or walk along the boardwalk in a strappy citronella and seafoam Costilla Dress or a capped-sleeve shoulder Ancora Dress. Loomstate fashion basics are designed with organic biodegradable materials that meet high eco-friendly standards. Earth Times describes Loomstate as the brand for organic basics that every fashion-forward individual needs for his or her closet. Loomstate is especially noted for its fashion simplicity. Eco-tanks, tees, dresses and beach cover-ups are modeled in a variety of mix-and-match colors. Loomstate is even more adored because of its exceptional comfort. Looking stylish and living green never felt so good and effortless.

Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney stays ahead of the latest trends in fashion design, retail and hot runway looks—even environmentally. The high-fashion designer's sustainability design line continues to develop by using materials that are vegan and free of cruelty. Her progressive green fashions are also designed with "innovative sustainable fabric technology," as spotlighted by Establishing herself as a renowned luxury designer, Stella McCartney's past lines have featured "faux-croc heels with biodegradable plastic soles." She's dubbed as a high-fashion vegan designer and was even recognized for her aesthetic visions that excluded leather, earning her Britain's Designer of the Year Award, as reported in the Guardian.

Other notable eco-friendly brands include Maiden Nation, Kaight, HELPSY, honest by, and Melissa Joy Manning. Keep in mind that many growing brands are online boutiques that only offer clothes and accessories on the Internet. According to 

Life Lock

, the retail business is a common target for fraudulent actions. To ensure a positive shopping and wardrobe greening experience, make sure a website has HTTPS in its website URL and security seals so that you can enjoy a safe online shopping experience. Also, if a brand advocates that sales and profits are used toward charitable donations and causes, such as VogueVert, contact them for details or read customer reviews to make sure your money is used properly toward those funds.