Bring Out Your Eyes With Color

by guest author Michelle Torres


Are your eyes your best feature? According to a 2013 survey in Women's Health Magazine, 70 percent of men said they notice a woman's eyes before any other attribute. Whether you wear glasses, contacts or nothing at all, you can use bright colors and flattering styles to bring out your eyes and their unique beauty.


Glasses are not only totally trendy right now, but find the perfect pair (corrective or not) and you might just discover that your eyes are your very best feature.

gettyimages: Thomas Barwick / Iconica

When you're searching for the right colored frames to bring out the best in your eyes, try to find something bold but versatile. Those bright green specs might look great with the outfit you're wearing right now, but will they work in a professional setting, at a dinner party or out with friends? Sometimes choosing a more neutral color scheme is more versatile. Want some color interest without a huge risk? 

Go for a two-toned look like Emmy Rossum, who has been seen sporting glasses with frames fading from black to clear.

Shades of silver or even burnished bronze complement a wide variety of outfits and eye colors. Silver-grey shades beautifully emphasize light blue eyes, while browns and bronzes tend to work well for those with brown, green or hazel eye colors. 

Shades that contrast  and complement your hair color can work beautifully, too.


Contacts aren't just for convenience anymore—now they're a fashion statement of their own. Even if you don't need corrective lenses, you can still wear colored contacts on a special occasion or every day. However, everyone needs a prescription to wear colored lenses. If you don't need correction, you can get a prescription for plano lenses, which have no corrective power.

gettyimages:  Dan Foy (orangeacid) / Flickr

You can buy color contacts online from a retailer like 

Vision Direct

 or from your optometrist. Choosing the right colored contacts depends on how dramatically you want to change your look. Some lenses simply enhance your current eye color while others completely change it. There are three types of colored contacts:

  • Enhancement tint lenses are a subtle tint that bring out your natural eye color. They intensify and enrich your current color without a major change. These work best for light-colored eyes. Enhancement lenses are the most popular choice for everyday use.
  • Color tint lenses can dramatically change the color of your eyes. These work on any eye color. You could change your eyes from brown to blue in a matter of seconds.
  • Theatrical lenses aren't really for everyday use, but can give your Halloween costume an edge. These include wolf eyes, red vampire eyes, zombie eyes or creepy blacked-out eyes.


If eye accessories aren't for you, some professional makeup tips can help bring out your eyes. You should base your makeup on the shape and color of your eyes, as well as your skin tone. Here are some general tips:


gettyimages: Klaus Vedfelt / Iconica

  • Blue eyes: Nudes, coppers and golden hues are the best shades to bring out your light eye color. For a dramatic look, use a shimmery shadow in a rich brown shade and an espresso smokey accent. For a more natural look, try a nude shadow with a super-black mascara.
  • Green eyes: Purple is opposite green on the color wheel. Paired together, your green eyes will pop. For high drama, try a bright purple with black eyeliner. For a more subtle look, a matte lavender eye shadow with brown mascara will look sweet and romantic.
  • Brown eyes: While pale shadows don't usually work for light-eyed girls, they create stunning effects with dark brown eyes. Champagne, pale pink and shimmery gray will bring out your rich eye color. Contrast the light shadow with dark mascara.