Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y" Video or Versace Ad or RHOBH Promo

In art, a bad painting or bad photograph can't be saved with a fancy frame. I suppose the same can be said about music and extravagant videos. Quick, someone tell Lady Gaga that! Her G.U.Y (Girl Under You) video is a mess. How many times do we need to see Gaga play the martyred victim or the heroic warrior or heavenly goddess? But all of this is the least of it. G.U.Y. is like a 7 minute Versace ad OR a RHOBH promo for Bravo and making it worse are the 4 minutes of credits following the first 7. Can we say "I love ME?"


Thank goodness the RHOBH cast wore Pepto-Bismal pink. It helped stomach Andy Cohen's role as Zeus...but, puh-lease, he's a gossiping queen NOT a God. [ ...and from the looks of it, G.U.Y.'s $ugardaddy. So that explains that.]

There's a scene where Jesus, Gandhi and Michael Jackson are resurrected. I have a real problem throwing MJ in that mix. What's he gonna do, offer children Jesus juice?

The video, like the song is a trainwreck. The glorified Versace ad is abrupt, lacks harmony and flow. It's campy, in a bad way. 

To end on a positive note, I like the fashion, the Hearst Castle and the dancing.